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Hospitals in Orange County are trying to figure out how to get ahold of more oxygen tanks. What I'm hearing from our suppliers is that oxygen gas itself is not in shortage. Terrifies. Dr Jim Keeney says they're sending more patients home with portable tanks, but they keep running out. Kenny says Some older hospitals are also having issues delivering liquid oxygen from tanks outside to ICU units inside because of the simultaneous demand. Leader of the L. A school district has pressed Governor Newsome for more money and help to reopen classrooms. Superintendent Awesome Peter's response to the governor's plan and the budget was it's a start, but the state must acknowledge the needs in our schools. Take the following actions necessary been or once a targeted effort to reduce the spread of covert in poor neighborhoods. State standard for covert health issues the schools, But we know diversion of state education money, diverted to covert testing timetable and planned for vaccinations of school staff should be made public. February. 1st Pewter also says one safety standards are met. No local administrators or unions should be able to veto reopening. Chris and Carl. Okay, if I knew a member of Congress who had to shelter in place during the attack on the Capitol has tested positive for covert 19 Aaron Carter ski, says 75 year old congresswoman Bonnie Watson. Coleman was advised to take a test after the riot because of possible exposure to the virus. The New Jersey representative told us she has been careful since March and took a test because she was advised she may have been exposed while sheltering during the riot. Watson, Coleman said she is home resting and in good spirits press release from Watson, Coleman's office of several people who were in the emergency shelter space last week refused to wear facemasks. Joe Biden's dog Major is going to be honored with his own inauguration ceremony from the rescue organization He was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association says the in dog duration will be a zoom party to help shelter animals like major live. The American dream Donations will be accepted for access to the event On Saturday, Major will be the first shelter dog to live in the white House and in the never ending trend toward treating pets like people. Ben and Jerry's is in Ben and Jerry's has announced a new line of ice cream for dogs. Doggy deserts will come in two flavors. Pumpkin with cookies and peanut butter with pretzels. The frozen treats are made with a sunflower base like the non dairy human ice cream because it's easier to digest. Ben and Jerry says it was inspired to create the treats by two dogs who hang out in his company's offices. Doggy deserts will roll out to grocery stores and pet stores later this month. Spending on dog treats has jumped 44%. Between 2015 and 2020 to $5.5 billion a year. Amy King K F. I knew we have a crash.

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