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I said wow. That's that's tremendous thank. You is it but you don't watch volatile. I hope you told me. Kency's every fight start to finish that said yes to consume always like he's like radar just goes everywhere you know. Tell him now that. I know that i'll be calling him for press credentials to the next ballot or of no excuses. Yeah he may back on that one a little bit. But he has name was rigged brzezinski and he's a tremendous directive tremendous boxing. They lost a lot where they lost to be honest as direct over there. But you don't thank thank god. He's he's doing good eats you know he does he does. Mlb does a lot of different stuff as that business. Do they work different places. But like i said kennedy's belly figures. Please teddy watched until we got some good fighters homeland until we know the to the us state but we got some good guys and you know what we want a reason to watch this one with their biggest star. Tell me correct me of long walks but for me. Pit bull was maybe the biggest star. I mean to to champion in two way classes. Lightweight what he has lost thirty two in five siles thirty two and five seven fight win streak. Going up against eighteen and four straight finishes for jay mckee. Eighteen wins in a row thirteen by stoppage coach by his dad. This fight had everything teddy. Two killers awesome. I mean and like i said for me was thought you know superstar. Yeah that's superstar. I mean obviously you have see. They have a few guys who call this stars. Probably start with mcgregor. I guess you know the the the biggest name any got malvo dole comes on our show. We love them. You know and as you got ta. I mean you got so many guide max holloway. I mean you've got sober. Great scientists francis at all friends of the show. Two guys that we genuinely like all good here but so pitbull. The big story was in there with the rise. You stop the key. And this is what i saw..

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