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Lost Earls Zach who have you peed next to Zack from Sioux Falls. I do Paul. I would add man-cheol Minnesota bowling alley and had my twinsets signed at the year and all by none. Other than the great, Bert. Be home blind Levin. Burt bly Levin out of boy rusty who have you peed next to. Yeah. I was I was in Springfield, Missouri. At the premier for meet Joe black impede next Brad Pitt. No here. Dan, Addy here nervous you. I mean. Amazing, congratulations. Yeah. Yeah. Fill your on ESPN radio. Phil mitchell. Black Jason stay thumb Hardrock. Hotels, San Diego. What to a concert with him? And had no idea did I hope to God that Lorenzo got the mind blown because it was amazing visually. Billy is coming closer and closer to injuring himself. When he does this blown mind thing. Earl you're on ESPN radio. Earl what do you have up lost IRL? I'm sorry. Keep losing Earl Steve you're on ESPN radio guard, Steve. Michael Jordan at a bar of Gabriel's when he was playing baseball in Birmingham. I mean, that's cool. But I mean, cooler if he was playing basketball, and I like that detail those Jordan that baseball player. Now, I'd go with Stu gods on this one. Is it more impressive to p next to Michael Jordan when he's in Birmingham playing baseball? Or when he's in Chicago playing basketball. Let's go ahead and put that on the poll at lebatardshow Marty Smith now with us on ESPN radio is new podcast is not really new. What's repurpose Marty? Smith's america? It's been around for a while. Now, it's on lebatardshow and friends network that is growing what do you have for? Why are you calling? Coho story real quick here. So I heard y'all talking about PM Saad famous people, and I p by a lot of famous people, but I have a really funny story. So when I was really young like right out of college. I got the opportunity to I got hired by NASCAR to write for their league website, which was new at the time because I'm a fossil. And so I'm super amped like I'm twenty two years old moving to Charlotte. I'm going to. I'm like I've been a NASCAR fan my whole life. And I'm getting this great opportunity to cover this sport that I have loved since my very small youth. So in order to do that to get started. I have to go to this orientation type of thing at NASCAR headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. And so my anxiety other been the Florida before mackerel on a cattle farm, so I'm like anxious. I'm I'm only once in my life. I get the Florida. So I'm waiting. Ng for this orientation to start in the lobby of the NASCAR headquarters, and I'm looking around and I'm wide and I'm like man, I'm so anxious. I really got a Pete like every ten minutes. I gotta p while waiting on this then to come give me for this orientation, so go in this bathroom in the lobby, and it's the nicest bathroom I've ever seen. It's all marble and brass it's like the Taj Mahal of bathroom. It's like the John Maho this things that John Maho. So they're in there and the bathroom, right?.

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