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To do and that's what we're doing on mondays in the garden city office then for those people who want to have some skin tightening affect is great machine that we're using that is radio frequency where you put some gentleman your skin and the radio frequency waves go in to your skin they warm your skin dilate your blood vessels helped to stimulate collagen and create some typing and the other part of that machine on the other side side of it does radio frequency stimulation deep into your skin and that provides us i've seen in years ago we did laser a far better way to enhance and he'll and stimulate your skin without having anesthesia on your whole face or having a number everything so we're fat we also have the opportunity of taking a blood spinning it and using your platelet rich plasma technique for the skin you know after the hydra facial or the radio frequency to put growth factors in your skin to create more repair or the ultimate mechanism would be stem cell therapy to be able to put billions of brand new cells into skin to have new layers of skin repairs came keep coming up so that can give you a great youthful appearance so that's one of the things i've been working on for a long time of course and now it's all available okay phone lines are open if you'd like to call and ask a question let's go to dominate melville how are you yes how are you.

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