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Juneau. Alaska oh good fantastic welcome Yeah. Thank, you, for taking my call hey listen they're being deceptive about the amount of. Nicotine that's in these things to there's a group out there that I. Hear, on. The. Radio They they call them the slogan is. Under north of group is called exactly what their slogan is Our kids are far more valuable than jewels They make the point on there that each one of these cartridges in new things has the. Amount of nicotine of. One pack of cigarettes how I know kids I know teenagers that. Go through three of these things are day Tax. Of cigarettes a day and we're talking about a fifteen year old And they've been doing it for, two years and they're gonna they're very are going to totally a dick a whole generation, to nicotine and they're getting, away with saying. They're help because you know you're not, getting the tar you're not getting that's just Oh they're dictating, these kids to a drug, so they could. Make money Yeah I I. Agree with you, Jeff, this is it's like with pot in, the pot legalization people. Think. Oh it's about freedom, and choice and relaxation. And, it's medical marijuana okay maybe some of that but it's about money Okay and the and the people were making hundreds. Of billions of dollars off the push pushing products like. Whether it's pot for supposedly it's not for kids their kids are never. Going, to, do it or the, east. Because they didn't care about whether it's healthy or. Not they don't, care, about long term damage to the brain, they care about how. Much. Return on their back, they're going to get Now is that that's the American. Way I mean okay Porn is a twelve billion dollar a year industry on.

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