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Been dominant in August. Throughout his brief career, five career home starts in the month of August is five and over the 50.29 T R A is the 11 has fouled off. To the left one to the Roxy Clarity doesn't surrender many home runs last year, just 1.1 home runs per nine innings this year, up to this point. 0.7 It's less than a home run tonight. Want to pitch swinging a miss elevating the fastball of flared against us for a strikeout? There's two gun bring up Carlos Santana. First baseman hitting just 2 29. Four homers for Santana. But Santana, even though he's hitting only 2 29. He's still fit the American League with a 4 14 on base percentage because he walks basically more than anybody else on the planet. He's drawn a walking 10 consecutive games coming in. Batting left clarity, kicks and drops in the curveball for a strike outside and join one. He's always been that type of player. Patient sees a lot of pitches. One strike pitch fastball down and backhanded by Malita one Roxy throughout that big gap between batting average in the on base percentage reminds me of Reese Hoskins right now. Hoskins to 16 batting average of four or five on base. That's just a bit low from clarity missing with a fastball. It's two on one. That's something when you're not hitting the fact that you could still Get on base at a very high cliff. I mean that that helps to keep you in the lineup. 21 pitch swing and a miss Nice slider from flared evens the count to two He is since the start of the 2011 season. He has walked nearly 1000 times. 974 walks. It's the start of 2011, which is the second most in baseball, Joey Votto pitch fastball and clarity. Getting a piece is Santana. It's too elevated fastball right there. Just a little too much velocity for Santana, who is got by the way, the strongest biggest mitts, hands of any player. I've ever shaken hands. 22 pitch swing and a miss got him with the slider. Couple of strikeouts in the first. For Jack Clarity, but a home run by Jose Ramirez in the Indians on the board. One. Nothing daily. The Cardinals are coming to bat in the home after the first This is Major League baseball on ESPN radio, ESPN. Floodlight welcomes baseball back to the burbs this summer..

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