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Around looking for porn, right l. listen, you don't have to. You. Don't have to talk to gresh and me about that because gresh used to work for NY and I used to watch us NY. And what was that hair guy? Remember? There was the guy that was always honest. And why gresh and he did all it. Remember God. I can't remember his name weeks. Yeah, it was some hair was. It wasn't SEIs Sperling and you know the Mughal at the, oh, God clam president. Also a client, the hair club for men. It's not here. Not hair club for men, but there was a guy that he used to just God Giorgio something or other, I think is name was, and it used to be on NY at all hours of the day. This infomercial NY was just starting out that it became a running joke with people who would watch or work and why. Anyway, I know. But I mean to the point, I really worry that at like nine o'clock, you're going to hear the over. You know, over excited lady be like this hour. We have Merola Gosse in his great cookware next hour. It's Tom Brady coming in to tell us about his exciting TB, twelve method. I mean, I'm really serious about that because it's the whole lifestyle brand thing. I mean, you know, his one of his teammates has a pretty famous wife. Air Deckers wife is out there pushing. I don't know whatever it is, you know, like me and you can look like. Me not really my anyway, but I just I, you know, like I, I wonder about this stuff with with Brady, but anyway, they got him taken care of at least in the short term, and maybe we'll get a little info out of there as to why they did this in the way they went about doing this. But I think if you're the patriots, you gotta slow play with Brady, don't overcommit. I think my the when I think infomercials the one that sticks out to me like this, like kind of like may like the all time the all time best. When you think of what like this is what you think of when you think of infomercials. For me, it would be bowflex. Right? Like I think that's fair. Sure. The good one. Mine is Ron. Pope eel in these Showtime rotisserie barbecue said it, get it. Forget it yet. Damn straight guy. Made five guy made five hundred million dollars by coming up with the fray set it and forget shit. I remember that one. I what was the other one p ninety x? That was one of the ninety action that that Billy blanks guy. No, no, that was Sarah though. That's more Tony Horton was p ninety x. Yeah, that's yeah. What about what about Tony little? The guy with the ponytail? Who was the male version of Susan powder? God. Wow, that's a name. That's a name. All right. Do you wanna go to number two. Yeah. Let's go to number two. All right jets quarterback. Sam darnold he signed his rookie deal days after camp started. Presumably putting him behind his teammates only Todd Bowles. Didn't see it that way telling the New York, press this week quote, I think he's. Caught up on what he does ofensive Lee as well as Josh and teddy. But the defensive packages go in everyday to, so he's not seeing the base. He's just getting caught up on the base. But like I said, he, he studies and I don't see him behind his forest catching up mentally, gresh. I'm going to say right now. I think you starts week one against lines Cam Stradey does. And quite honestly, I think he has. I think he has on the roster. He, I think he. To me, he he has exactly what you need to play that position as a rookie. And we sought last year at USC and it's two things. It's one. Can you take hits right? Can you take punishment? He is a big sturdy kit, and he took a ton of hits last year because USC rebuilt. It's offense of line and the number two can you compartmentalize mistakes? Because rookie quarterbacks. We're gonna get out. They'll gonna make a bunch of mistakes. Right. Can you put mistakes behind you last year? He turned the ball over left and right. He was trying to do too much times. You know what happened? He wound up winning the Pac twelve. They wound up winning the conference despite the fact that he makes made some mistakes early in the season..

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