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Did, say 35 on one. Oh 5.9 FM w m a l traffic and weather every 10 minutes. First on the five Here's Lisa Beeton in the headed carpet Cleaning traffic center to 70 settled down south and that of Frederick much easier. You will slow after 80 heading toward 109 in the truck scales, Maryland, 95 to 95 decent between D C and Baltimore and Route 100 accident was he's found after 103, and there is a minor delay. Nothing to report in Virginia Knight. Five or 66 western 66 in Nutley Street stalled car I was pushed onto the shoulder right away now from garage door repaired. Com Here's new seven meteorologist Veronica Johnson. Mostly sunny to partly sunny ended up to temperature today. 71 degrees. Now after midnight. Some showers will move in, and they'll be some showers around first thing Friday. Maybe even some fall given can't relate a little spotty shower anytime during the day, but the better chance we'll really be early tomorrow. High temperature Friday 62 degrees the weekend back toe warmer in the low to mid seventies. I'm seven news meteorologist Veronica Johnson from the Storm. What seven Weather Center Right now It's 55 degrees with clouds at Reagan National and Just in the weekly jobless claims totaled more than expected. I'm Barbara Britta, one of 5.9 FM. W M A L. Now Washington mornings on the mall. Hey, good morning to you is a 36 on W m a l where Washington comes to talk. Joining us right now is the attorney general of Texas. Ken Paxton. Always great to have him with us. And back this morning, sir. Good morning. Good morning. Hope you're doing well. We're doing very.

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