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Three Fred McGriff is a guarantee hall of Famer how do you look at those numbers year after year after year and the gutters. Even come close. You know, what I think he would hurt him is that all of the advanced metrics and that and that people today look at these. Metrics, and they try to apply to people in the eighties in the early nineties. When metrics were really a thing. And I from what I'm reading about. And this is very little. It's just a lot of double plays. He was a bad base runner. And they're trying to all that stuff in there. They say that a lot about Cantu. Like some of the stuff you here. And it's like calm on. He was a bad guy. That's why he's not getting any bad defensively. But like, I mean, are we serious here? Especially with the guys that are in those guys to me or you look at those I want as a fan as an owner GM, you would tell for consistency. Like that nowadays, you're afraid to give a guy at three or four year deal because you don't know what's going to happen year to year, look at the consistency. So I entirely career. He hit five hundred clean. He's a lock. Also, I gonna understand why seven home runs keep you out. Not only keep you out. He doesn't get that many. Consistently gets like twenty thirty percent of the vote said even closer with soft. So he's not he's not trending up now with that new committee, and otherwise he'll get it. You're probably Jason Johns di-, he'll get it. Yeah. J exact Jason. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty sixty six. I could talk about that stuff all day Bruce in flushing. What's up, Bruce? Hey, sound to Yankee points and hoping pointer I on the Yankees. I don't know why I guess get the feeling the Yankees are gonna pull one more surprise crate. Because. The whole thing of signing oldies and feel. They're up to something. I don't know if they're and talks and Dan. Happen in the cover themselves. But I think I think it may create one more infielder for a picture. I could be wrong. Gimme you talking about. Maybe into her wouldn't even be surprised if Taurus I would be stunned of its Torres. I mean, they wouldn't they said last year basically cash from last year tours untouchable man, then trading them that was when degrom rumors came up as was degrom. I think maybe even Syndergaard at the time, but they said they went out trading tours or he would be untouchable. I would not be surprised though, Bruce if Cashman that something sleeve leave do and then maybe give you a little more playing time. At least it gives them some flexibility to where you think maybe they do want to move and do our first starting pitcher or they feel like there's a good enough deal that they can't pass up. They could do it Beckingham point. There's a picture out there who I think would be perfect for the Yankees to add another starter or somebody in the bullpen quiz, which the bachelor even though I think he's still a little bigger question, Mark. So he's always even before that heart issue came up or whatever it was. He's always been a question, Mark. Anyway. Oh, I mean production healthwise. Yes. He's a question. Marks pitcher GIO Gonzalez. Yeah. I don't mind it. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to that. Bruce. I I think anytime you add a quality starting pitcher, no jobs all is not a top of the rotation guy. The way that maybe he was with Oakland on the NATs. I got him. But he's a quality starting pitcher who would add depth to any rotation. Same point one Martinez. Definitely should be. And I don't know how you can say couldn't begin. He was. Dominating drive, this entire tenure. He played in big games. Got big base. It was a consistent hundred Nabi three twelve career here. Yeah. You're probably I mean, look, you're probably right. I'm a little hesitant for whatever reason on Edgar. Another guy fan. I don't think deserts have been fame is making a senior very good. Good pitcher. But I'm old school. I won't famous. I mentioned the name, and my gut tells me, yes. Or no part of the problem would only save a metric guys is a personal killing baseball number one to get stolen base the bond and. I think the reason why baseball decline and tennis. Why is it taking strategy the normal play second base no-one playing home play? That's more major league baseball sabermetrics guys. But when saving metric guys applied at rules to all of them. That's how the whole thing is all about the whole thing is was he great now. Well, it's A plus B equals C. That's am. I know. I agree. Bruce, thanks for the call. I think you now with a lot of stuff right there. Also, I agree with how he was a good pitcher great at sometimes he's not a whole fame pitcher. I vote for Andy Pettitte before I voted for Mike mainly because we're PETA did well mainly, obviously because what PETA did and the postseason, but Messina's a great that against them. It's not a whole Famer. I mean, come on as I said, I'm voting for either. But I would vote for any pet it before I voted for Mike. I think I'm dumb with my bowel. We'll wrap that up on the other side and also get into obviously championship.

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