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Oh no downside hertzel okay i'm going to go with zack john jimmy said his name too many turns see no can uh so that's me yeah i'm gonna go down the board bit of go adam had one adam had won the canadian i believe i just like the name adeyanju at just feels like that adam head when pga champion at feels right to me i'm gone dr justin thomas police back to back in and you're done great hair great name thomy fleet would run alone leonid mac jiang yup night amid the open night else grinding on this one cheryl shore sheriff marshall george marshall hiccuper now charge shore social i'm gonna go with jimmy walker jimmy walker i know is i might be habits of johnny walker watching jimmy walker continued era of this in my last game i'm gonna take patrick rate uh righty the feisty one seat uh let's see fritz of i'm gonna go with baba wants from k murray and make lavin let's wrap it up with brian harmon from here nice thing ryan harm it we like brian harm lefty then he cintas a golf ball he did he had two holes in one in the same round i we'll come back will close up shop moscow for phone calls after this real football fantasy football when you love the game that both great but when it's time to buy a car fantasy land is not where you want to be you want to make sure that you had the car of your dreams online and you know what you're getting you wanna make sure it actually exist before you go to the dealership elsewhere that's why you gotta go to true car true car shows you real pricing an actual inventory you know what's in stock of they say it's in stock this isn't praising offered shubei true car but actual vin based price from a true car certified dealer in your area and these are just any dealer true car certified dealers are carefully curated network of dealers committed to transparency that offers competitive prices and faster easier buying experience.

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