Democrats, James Comey, FBI discussed on New Hampshire Today


Tigon once more news radio six hundred we'll see what happens i'm dave anthony fox news president trump keeps saying that about syria were obviously looking at that very closely he has tweeted the missiles are coming maybe very soon or not and some of our allies may join the military response to the reported deadly chemical attack that will be investigated fox's simon owens live in london dave potentially complicating weston plans for military action the global chemical weapons watchdog the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says a factfinding team is on its way to syria and we'll begin investigating the suspected chemical attacks tomorrow western powers accused serious president syria and russia say it's a setup here in london the british government's cabinet is giving prime minister theresa may the green light to join the u s and france in planning a response dave simon director mike pompeo who's in line that big over a secretary of state told his senate con formation hearing hill push for diplomacy first and will continue to counter russia's bad behavior of latimer putin has not yet received the message sufficiently and we need to continue to work at that democrats like senator bob menendez are wary pompeo could look to tear up the iran nuclear deal and worry he's too cozy with president trump will you stand up to president trump and say no you're wrong in that view mr president or will you be a yes man is never asked me to do anything that i considered a remotely improper wing publican senator rand paul joined some democrats opposing pompeo the fbi director president trump fired firing back in a book due out next week james comey calling the president unethical comparing him to a mob boss in one excerpt he writes quote nevada's in complete control the loyalty oaths the us versus them worldview to lying about all things large and small in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization about morality that's fox's jackie bunions republicans have countered with a lion komi website fox news fair and balanced all.

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