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When most of us think of the underground railroad we think people in the south risking everything to flee their masters for freedom in the north but the first underground railroad actually ran in the opposite direction from north to south by the late. Sixteen hundreds after a century of spain in england's rivalry for control of the southern colonies spanish florida had become a sanctuary for slaves who fled south from english rule. Vision of the underground railroad is black folk crossing the ohio river from kentucky into ohio. The reality is black folk went wherever they could find. Freedom and whichever destination was closest people would escape from say south carolina and try to get out through native american territory into some wild frontier territory or into spanish territory established in fifteen sixty five. Spanish florida was strategically important. Given its proximity to the caribbean. It also offered spain a chance to expand its period power by converting people in the new world to roman catholicism so in sixteen eighty seven when an intrepid group of slaves escape from charleston to saint augustine then sought asylum from the spanish governor. They were granted their freedom on the condition that they convert saint. Augustine was one of these weaken lights african american saying if we can get there and under spanish authorities spanish control Then we can have our freedom by seventeen thirty eight so many fugitive slaves had arrived from the carolinas and georgia that the spanish established in all black fortified settlement known as mosaic in seventeen ninety facing pressure from the united states government and secretary of state. Thomas jefferson the spanish ended their policy of granting sanctuary in florida. However the dreams of freedom lived on the underground railroad turn north. It's estimated that thirty thousand people escaped through its freedom network..

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