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The case that is purely a stalker scheduling. Conflict conflicts forced him to decline. Which I'm so curious in an alternate universe to see what that would have been like honestly. I am curious. I'm totally curious to see what that would have been like. Yeah because I would have been interesting to see how his take on end up to Jim. Carey end up. Doing Farley stated to Farley was slated to appear in the third ghostbusters film which didn't happen until the women came in our he had a lot of fan at the time it is intended to be a new trio of ghostbusters. Taken on the over of the overpopulation. In Hell. So they're supposed to be like in house comes from the ground. Said that would have a need. I don't know what the future holds. Farley said all I know is I'm good today. Real good at the time hit this time I had this time. He was making six million dollar movie. Almost heroes according SNL writer Fred. Wolf one time in front of two hundred twenty or twenty five people in a very crowded writer's room mixed company women men Farley came in naked. He had his Dick. Tuck between his leg. He began doing Jayme Gum. I don't know who they are from. Sao Salinger the hill. Yeah I knew that. Is You know good bar. Who took a golf club and shoved in about three inches? Up his ASS homeboy. And then pull the golf club out and stirred to lick it. He wants to fuck was. Don't cocaine kids. That's not coke. Man That is Co. That's your brain going well into so we have beers whiskey time you gotta Pop that. Cork loader got some whiskey. Adam Sandler talked about what it was like to be a for dinner with Farley in the nineteen nineties. He said he would say you got that. T. Bone steak. Oh Yeah Okay. You do have and he would name. It's like it's like He. He'd named like six things you're like. Wow He's getting six things and then he would say okay. I'll also have two of those and he would always double down also cocoa Conan. O'brien added Chris. Farley love to eat to a degree I've never seen by any human being in my life. No one day also quoted that as what? I watched him. Eat Two t-bone steaks and eat them like dry rid. We thing in his mouth and just slid off the bone. Yes I will get you ginger. Be So again. We're talking about in documentary. We've watched in two thousand fifteen a documentary. I am Chris. Farley and Sarah Live Co Star. Mike Myers explained why the energetic comedian scared him to death. I'd improvise with Chris and I was scared to death because he had already knocked. Someone's tooth out and gave someone else a scar just for being so craigslist. From his anecdotes. It was so yeah. Yeah it was also revealed in the dock that Farley made at habit to surprise Myers in the shower fully nude as I mentioned funded by so fucking for the jokes. German time I did that. Grandma kicked me. Hope David Spade. Explain how what are the most memorable scenes from Tommy boy came out capable in? Chris was doing that bit to me at work. We shared an office. In Chris's desk was behind me. And he didn't really know how to write or read really kidding but he became bored. You See. He'd be Super Board obviously and he would say Davy turning around and I said this is fat guy in little coat. I'm not turning around. It's not funny more and he would say no I've got I've got a whole new thing. And then he would turn around and he would have him and his he would have David Spade Levi jacket on fat guy. Don't you give up on it? Fat Guy Little Cone and so when we did Tommy Boyd. We were looking for jokes and the scenes to make them better. We sided that was funny to us and may be funny to other people so you put on the fact a coat and the slaying which was not actually funny was not planted all and the Cote actually ripped on. Its own like that wasn't put in. It looks pretty look through Renton and he was actually legitimately fucking doing it. Which is like you actually ripped his fucking code. Well that was a super small coat. Not as big fucking dude. Don't do that guy a little a little that guy and bad guy a little gold. Oh my God how much I love that part in general it just shows Chris Farley's childlike nature in what he was kind of like as a person was he was like just a goofy guy that having finding ball in even though he did like a fuck enough drugs to kill a horse. You GotTa Watch out for your happy friends. Yeah especially you know. Don't you spend nine? He didn't do speedboat airspeed. Bob Bob a few of Farley's friends claim that that funny man. A few friends of Farley claimed that the funny man had been obsessed with licking things Chris Farley everywhere you went was licking everything Adam Sandler said on a late night. Show in two thousand fifteen. He went out for dinner at Wally. Joseph's like twenty of us. We're walking and talking to him as we go. He gets antsy. He's got to give him a minute. And then okay buddy and you just saw him run back one hundred and liquor mailbox and come running back feel like that was a lot of his coke addiction that he just had this energy and shit if you had enough money where he was probably doing it every day. Kinda ship though I mean and then you know I can't. I can't speak from my own experiences. Yes I feel like my. It's different towards me and other people. Yeah Yeah I had my own dealings with drugs and shit like that and it's just like I can get where that came from where you'd fuck. I D- I asked you back when I was working at restaurants and stuff and like you don't even try. It is the thing I did when I was a fucking ninety s kitchen that you don't fucking try because God knows if you're anything like like there's a lot of people with very dicta personalities as they have now I of course shit you quit everything like your fucking confined with or without it. I'm like no I fucking know what I'm right so give them also older now. Though back in the day I was always lucky that I didn't touch really hard shit till my early twenties and then I kind just say fuck. It was a teenager. Our it would've killed me like I was very addictive personality when I was a teenager. Do Crazy stuff that I probably shouldn't have done. It doesn't leave former Saturday night. Live writer also witness Farley. Odd Licking compulsion firsthand. He opened his wallet. It looked everything inside of it. The pictures the money he had. Oh my God I had to lick his own shoelaces tied him up. It was totally nuts. That's Crazy Joe. Weird thing to see. Never look everything now like it's a joke and then it probably became a habit it probably turned into a habit more than anything for the frequently sought help for addictions and drugs and alcohol. The first frequently statement the first of his his over seventeen stints in Rehab began in Nineteen ninety-one fucking Bourne. He just started in ninety one. He's going to rehab and that was after his us that was before. Snl put him into Rehab. No he was in he got. He's earned that's now in one thousand nine hundred ninety pitcher that they're obviously with like they're like what the fuck man you gotta go somewhere. He's a fat Guyanese energy so it's like his college friend. Pat Fan explain for all these battle with addiction. He did everything to excess and when it came to drinking in other stuff he caught in a world he got caught in a world. He couldn't get out because he did have an addictive personality. In it's bad it's dangerous and also because Chris Farley was totally obsessed with John Belushi like another brilliant comedian who struggle with drugs now call in weight management and John. Belushi died in hotel because of a speed ball doing speed balls. Not Heroin and cocaine. Yes it is. It's not a speed balls cocaine and morphine all right. Well I will look into that but I'm pretty sure that's it's heroin and cocaine but I'm pretty sure we'll sodomy all over again. I know he's looking at but I knew something I'm hundred place. I know that John Belushi had cocaine here when INA system.

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