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I like Mexican food. I a cluster ITO cholesterol Reto, very good cholesterol. Tarita your Margarita. That's another good as with vodka there. You have it. If the cholesterol. Cluster is the making over Dale Smith. Now, the cholesterol sunrise. Wow. That sounds like. The window. What else? Obscure term Henry. Homos? Yeah. The cholesterol sunrise, hey, isn't this supposed to be grow a beard month or something weird? I know this is grove ember. Movember what does that mean September? Now, I don't even know I know where you grow where you grow. For an organization. I think it's for raising money for something razors. The money raiser. But someone's growing a lot of beers lately. Well, baseball players know, Alex. Rebecca, I watched Japanese Rebecca's a beer, I know it is it a good beer. It's looks like the top who's got the flowing beard who's at who. Who would you say rusty before we get back to the most interesting man in the world, whatever his name who would you say who would you say has has the best beard, and oh, yeah. One of the top members Bill given. Oh, no. That's that's a scraggly beard Letterman went out big beard big beard, Letterman, they call. David Letterman looks like Santa Claus. Him and him and Hillary I walking around in the woods, just mumbling. I'll tell you who's got the best the best beer. Ladies and gentlemen. Is it that guy? Candy law goes. Michael mcdonnell. He's got a beard. Michael Michelman is the beer. Okay. When we first got on radio Russ, and I found a website called dudes who looked like Kenny Rogers dot com. Yep. They still have that website. Yeah. Did he die? We should do an episode of are they dead. Yeah. This is Michael McDonald come on. Oh, there you go McDonnell. I'm reading your list attuned tunes. You got a lot of those. It's called the I two store. On wall. They've all hell. Yeah. Michael McDonald fantastic. Yeah. Michael mcmahon. He he is the maker inventor him and Christopher cross. Absolutely all the time. Gerry Rafferty, Tommy gold. Wow. Yeah. Carl here another Tom dear remember any of that music because I know you didn't graduate 'til like eighty four right? I graduated high school in seventy nine I cannot believe there's a criss cross reference. Yes. Across. Come on. Yes. So you're doing Michael McDonald's. That's right. Mashhad? Ronald Reagan sounding like Clint Eastwood as as. Jack Nicholson, mommy, bring me some drugs. That's all. I got. I don't know. What that even means? Okay. Trust the killing time here up another. Michael McCullough is on this album. Okay. Playing piano. No. I watch. Name that tune thanks for taking time. But. Was Christopher cross and Michael McDonald? How did we get beard beard either? Because you're asked about what month was grove Imber September. That's when the that's what the next the midterm elections are at Tom Joel mccower, the author of the divided areas here to talk a little bit about politics and the intersection between our business, and politics, and what what will in your opinion. Tom Tom's a practicing attorney, and he's probably one the smartest guys. I know in your opinion, if the Democrats take over the house and now control effectively congress and create a roadblock for the executive branch the office, which is the president. Of course, what does that do to our economy in your opinion? Does that change the way things go in this country? And if so wouldn't that possibly be a good thing if it was just a short term slap in the face economically. So people realize, okay, let's go back to what we had it. So in the modern era in the divided. You're the stock market during election years, basically goes sideways because things are so and so angry that people don't wanna make dig moves so between now and election day, you can spec the market you go sideways to Democrats take the house, expect the markets. But it won't go down too, far and business generally likes. When government is gridlock because they just want to stay out of their hit year their hair and Trump's done a good job of deregulating to the executive branch. It really depends on how out of control the Democrats say barely when the house and pushing. Then you can see trouble in the markets. It's just a bunch of investigations and may and they keep their nose out of the market. Remember house can't pass anything that Trump will sign Trump's got a science, right? But here's what I'm asking. Is. I understand that the market runs on fear and greed..

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