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Uh huh. Come on news time. 7 24 We check traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the fours and from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Kierra, Jordan North and I five is really struggling this morning. We have a new crash that is on our off ramp to the federal way Rest area that's going to be blocking our ramp there that's causing about two miles of slowing into the area. And then our real issue. We have a crash at 188. That's partially blocking the H O V lane and then another crash. Right as you're approaching four or five That's been blocking the right lane. Partially blocking the offering is causing a solid and I mean solid backup from two 72nd going from federal way into downtown Seattle is taking at least an hour and a half right now north of 99. It's been a good alternate route, and it's still safety time that's getting back up as you're approaching 188th military also a good choice but again getting back of approaching 188th of West Valley Highway. That could be an alternate route that you could use and North Bend 167. That's been very busy from 5 12 into Pacific. We crowd around Highway 18 and then off and on flowing from Willis Street all the way to 405. You can tell. A lot of people are taking that route. Instead, Norfolk four or five slow and go from the Valley Freeway into Newcastle. South, um four or five busy out of alder wood into King in Park West bound us to hitting the brakes across the trestle. And scattered, slowing south on I five coming out of average and again from four or five shoreline. Our next Comeau traffic up 7 34. Our report This time is sponsored by Snoqualmie Casino Style quality Casino is throwing it back to the nineties with alternative rock band ever clear September three tickets are on sale now. S n o casino dot com Seattle's closest Snoqualmie casino..

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