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He was a light heavyweight. These dudes are big man. I mean this big junior pigs too. Big i i. I mean my first time. When i when i came back and i was my first five hours. I was nervous. Homes like man. Like i just jumped two divisions and i'm like hit here ready to finally like okay i got. I guess i gotta put work and once i got under. I just feel uncomfortable. I don't i don't panic under pressure. I liked pressure. 'cause it pushes me to the next level you know. So what's i got in there. I mean i'm not really Means basically levers him. That's it the matter way class with nothing so give me some of the names of the heavyweight you've been sparring with because that's a huge transition as well when you're smarmy like light heavyweights in probably crews awaits to start sparring with heavyweights. It's a huge transition. I mean obvious. Born tony yoga for jamba lease while the guys are jersey or you went to virgils. Jim burgess into. I went to burge's so i was like we gotta stop right there. Hold on hold on. You can't tell me around. Virgil hunts a man. Did he whisper anything ear. Did he tell you he likes you. Know the way you fi- he was a big. He's a big fan You like gave me a whole bunch of proteins in this in that. And he's like van yet. You just just keep moving forward and you're gonna be greatest keep working so it was israel. Wow so he signed. He said he thinks you'll be great. Yeah that's amazing man. I know virgil very well. A very nice person. And i actually was at the tank barrios fight and i seen them there obviously in a post fight interview with him. That's amazing so tony yoka. That's a tall man. I think we were just talking about him today. Is you like six nine. Thank so some around there. So how how was it trying to reach a tall man like that especially skilled. He uses his his little bit. World surprises was comfortable. I mean i didn't really have any problems with it. Was religious a matter of getting the distance. I but once i got my distance like i'm i'm naturally a boxer. I'm not really a pressure fighter. But if i have to pressure i can cause no since i was though. That's what i was taught so with him. It was more of a boxing thing. I never really tried to go inside on this. Because he has really he's key punches uppercut that that uppercut is crucial on them. So i try to stay one outside. Box use my movement in other pretty good with tassels box with a taller longer man. That's impressive do the opposite. Sometimes people people expected to come in and just borrow somebody when you box. It gives him like it changes mentality. they don't know what to do. Do.

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