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An eight month old baby who takes an eight month old baby anyway who would cnn reported this as if it's a serious thing no normal pass and what normal mava takes an eight month old baby to protests where they're putting kites with explosives and they're trying to plant bombs along a border fence takes an eight month old baby along and then and then cnn reports that the baby supposedly died of tag as in fact it did in the baby had some pre existing condition there's no pulse the reason there's no peace in the middle east is because the the kleptocracy in the west bank and the theocrat in gaza are into killing it's all about nation states anybody in the world can of a nation state these days you want me respond to give it a go okay well of course there's hard line forces in the west bank who here crafts i hate i despise here crafts they're see in israel maybe not as bad but they're still in israel who want to have the west banks because there's some religious beliefs there see across in israel the united states don't want peace we don't want even to look to the other side to even non hardline people in the west stakes to even search them out they want to keep the status quo and the status for fear chris craft pushing this policy christian are reacting to muslim theater classes i'm sick of all the damn aircrafts well making this war in the middle east and i'm just sick of that the accuracy well yeah yeah you can be you can tell on just sick of it all nice nasty mean people but at some point you got to be able to distinguish the last time i was in the west bank a few years ago and they schools so the equivalent your in milwaukee the equivalent of the milwaukee school board in the west bank was running a competition for its grade school is on why i want to be a martyr right in other words the you were to write an essay or a poem on how you wanted your body to detonate into thousands of pieces while you're killing jews i went into a convenience store like yeah seven eleven or your quickie crap at the gas station and they and they were proudly displaying the march where the week behind the.

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