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Australian singer Helen Reddy, who died this week. Her biggest hit was I am Woman. They've reached the top spot on the charts. In 1972 it peaked is the women's liberation movement was making big headlines. It was the year the Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment and saw Shirley Chisholm run for president. I'm Jen white. This is one woman here in numbers too big to signal No too much to go back. Is it all done up in down there on the floor? Yes drives can do. I am strong. On the next fresh air. Underwater explorer and photographer Jill Hein Earth has dived into underground waterways deep in the earth beneath a giant iceberg. She's seen hidden creatures as old as dinosaurs and witnessed scenes of surreal beauty. Her work is so dangerous 100 of our friends and colleagues have died in dives. Her book is into the Earth. Join us now on weeknights at eight on 89.3 kpcc..

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