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Did altered state therapy. It's Kinda therapy alike altered state. Yeah and what is that with drugs at all had any ketamine? I did Ketamine for pain. It doesn't work pain. Well they said it would works for. Ptsd so you had a lot of PTSD. I didn't have a lot of PTSD. I had I had four specific things I was going after and I and I worked with the I do exactly what they were. I spoke with him a few times to kind of nail down. I went after it. I mean the way that I did. It was not an clinic. It was It was privately and it was. It was immensely helpful and when I say to you you know oh I do. I need to have a Man. I. I'm not saying that to use a self deprecating thing. I'm saying that as a woman who understands her machinery. I'm saying that as women who understands her creative machinery I became an actress because Neil OC- form and said under leach cool. You have to decide if you will be a good girlfriend or a good actress and I thought what to see need more. He needs someone to star in his movie. I can do that. I wanted to be a singer and I was singing jazz. And kind of writing these plaintiff little songs candidate and Ronnie Hawkins is bandages. Left him at gun on the road is the would dylan is hawks or whatever. And he said you know. Stick with me the party through silk so I learned all these rockabilly tunes. It's always been in service of some man and I always get out of it carrying the pearls but it just that's that's my machinery and I'm kind of into it. Although I have of late thought is. It really might just trying to get to that. Universal that universal consciousness were all of our hopes and desires in in creativity lies to some art. Here's what I think I know. Sound like a bullshit. No I think some people think you're probably a little crazy and some people think you're genius. What's so crazy? Let me? I'm not on the genius. There's a thin line. I think what you're saying makes perfect sense to me. Some people have whatever that. Why do I want to deal with those exactly? That's my point but what was mine. What I'm thinking is this. I know where my mind goes in millions of places and I could feel like all all over the place which I you probably feel in a lot of ways to open right but then I sort of feel like you know. I'm like you know I'm this and I'm thinking of this and I'm thinking of this and how do I calm my mind? Now there is that one thing I think it was Einstein. That's why I go to therapy. Just because I like to channel all the shit for an hour and a half and then go I feel good. It's off my chest. I do it in a different way. I write songs. I work on my shoes. It I used manage. Yeah use it see and I mean it's it's getting frustrating because all the work that I've been doing since last. May I don't have something to show for it so it does sound crazy on his? I'm using it. It sounds crazy if I was just in a normal life and I wasn't And I didn't have any creative outlets. Go Yeah maybe I should do therapy. But that's not where I'm at but I think you know I'm not at that. I'm into that by the way if you say you're crazy because in a year whatever you haven't figured out a one woman show. That's the genius that you've been thinking for your for how many years it takes time you know what? Rufus said he said. I should just book the cake and then I'll have to do it. You know with somebody else just told me they said again people always way. Here's what he said is. Actually you know who this was. This is Billy Boyd. From Lord of the Rings he was on the last podcast or podcast few weeks ago and he says this made a lot of sense. People are always near accent. I want to the exit. But he said people are always wanting to perfect something to rehearse it so much and then for because they don't want people to think or show that and he goes. That's just part of it but I know. But here's the thing that is my second phase my second phases in April and Kirk comes back from there with tweet Zo and we are going to put it on. Its feet the last question. Yeah has al. Did you ever ask Albino? Fuck about the poster. No nothing sexual. Nothing I said poster. Oh Oh yeah. Yeah you're GONNA get him and he'll do that you know. I'm GonNa ask you about this. Did you ever ask him to run lines or did he ever ask you run lines? I just think that defunding watching you guys on lines together going to indulge in this kind of psycho fantastic fan based line of questioning. It's really demeaning. And you shouldn't do that. It's way it's demeaning demeaning yourself when someone attaches it's a fan like thing that means they put someone above them. Don't if you put someone above you you're putting some of its Kidman and someone goes at Chevron lines of the ago she did say none of Your Business. Fuck you beverly Dangelo. We go out to dinner with against him. Yeah this is called. Shit talk him throws him. Bam quick questions answered quickly. Benjamin j the central is one of the nuttiest horror movies ever made with lots of great actors making brief appearances. Do you have any stories from working on this movie and being directed by Michael Winner? I have a great story. And here's what it is. A brief Stewart. I'm in New York. I came to New York from Canada with a Broadway show. It opened a close lots of casting. Directors Doug me it was music version of Hamlet. I get called into meet with Michael Winner. Who was doing his next film. After death wish I go into the meeting. He says to me he talks to me for a few minutes and he says I want you to take this script home and read for the read. The role of Sandra. 'cause I'm offering it to you. I'd never been in the movies. I wasn't a screen actors guild. I go home I read it. I called the casting directors. Say I need to come back down and meet? Michael Wins that very unusual. You need your agent to arrange that and I said No. No no no no. I don't have an agent but I need to talk to me. Offered me the role. A what she comes back on the phone two minutes later and says Michael. See you go down there and I said Okay mic look. I'm a singer. I'm not an actress but if I wanted to be an actress. Do you think I really want to do this movie? Because my dear. I've done death which I've worked with Marlon Brando. Of course you want to do this. Movie starring Ava Gardner Burgess Meredith. All the great this but look look look on page sixty a meeting the brains out of a guy's head and and Amazon or something he said. But my dear. You'll be eating the brains out of Chris Sarandon's head and he's just been nominated for a dog an Oscar for dog day afternoon and I said well okay but look at this. Look at this look at this page after page. Sixty three pages I I'M I. I've got a masturbation scene and an atom part of a lesbian couple. And he go a a mute part of a lesbian couple of his but my debt e o lesbian lover will be played by Sylvia Miles. And she's been nominated twice so I thought okay so you did it. Yeah all right Andruzzi any great memories working on Annie Hall back in seventy seven I again. Same thing Broadway show closed. I'd done the sentinel at this. Point is still have a screen actors guild card casting director called me and meet Woody Allen. I had just happened to have a dream about the night before I took in my my diary. I said look. I just that you were in my backyard in the snow playing the Tuba and he said I'm working on a film. Can you come and be in tomorrow? I said Yeah. And that's how I ended up in Annie Hall. Raj Any interesting stories from working on the Simpsons. Oh Dave Mercantile. Long Time Merkin is one of my true friends to this day and it was always fabulous. I wrote finally bagged me a homer for that show and have the publishing and it's made me very happy. John L. S. Christmas vacation. Very special place in so many hearts of your favorite memories are just a memory from the set that you remember the Remember that we're just in jiving -membered that they were so rushed when we were getting this group. Shot that I said to Chevy. I'M GONNA put my hand on your crotch and like that. They bet the director won't catch it and it was true. And there's there's a shot in there because we only had one that he and he goes freeze. It is because it was the only one we had to get it and I said that directors Never GonNa notice what I'm doing because he'd never did Lisa which version of the griswold kids do. You feel most embodied the spirit of the Griswald I'm very partial to The first vacation because it was so innocent and so pure. But they're all so cool. I just did a screening at the Academy of Christmas vacation with Juliette Lewis and Johnny Gillespie. And they're just you know cooking on all four burners and they're all great Brittany headed feel getting called in. I come into vacation movie in Two Thousand Fifteen. Did It bring back memories starring with Chevy again? Well Chevy and I had just finished doing we. There had just finished. Oh No we were just on our way to doing a pilot together so it was just a reunion of sorts Nico Pe- if you could go back and choose acting or music as a career path which would you choose and why I would. I had an album for bill. Night didn't do it. I would have if I could go back. I would have said beverly. Just keep pushing. Stay true to yourself. Don't don't don't give up just because they all want Disco Karen B. Beverly. What was it like growing up with? Just brothers being the only girl. Well I think it affected me in the way that I I relate to men as brothers and that's not sexy and that's what Michael and I have been talking about 'cause if you had to boil down wouldn't you say on the sister. Type SISTER DUNHAM PRECIOUS SYSTEM. Not Mysterious friend. Well I mean I've known you for so long but if I if I was a dude that was like you know didn't know you. Billy Kinda sexy. She's funny. She's ridiculous athletic. Like I think you're throw ball to be sexy with no to be a true sister but here's what I do know my best girlfriends except for two of them are dead so my world is populated by all men. And it's very comfortable. I love men. I love to be around then. I love the way they think I love the way they can compartmentalize. They inspire me. I live for them. Just don't attack them. Just I now last. Angie can you show one thing you miss the most about the late? Great Carrie Fisher and side note. Also I have to say that after your Don Henley story the last episode. I decided you are my spirit. Animal say one story that we don't know about care that you just remember that you just small moment. Oh God it's thirty four years so many moments. Oh Oh oh you've caught me off balance.

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