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And that guy went hard. I mean we. I went but he went hard and and like so he the the difference to me was like he would. We would be seeing ghosts. You're up for eleven days. Do you start to elucidate literally. Not sleep for eleven days are here. Can't you die after like three. I don't i. I didn't But i had. I had a supplement to keep me away. Oh my god you guys are fucking crazy so scott. The difference mean scott was scott would be tude. This house has coast. Senator looking at right now and i'm like that's me on no drugs. I'm like i know but you're just seeing them because you're on drugs. Like i knew the difference like he would get spooked by am whereas i would see him and no. That's a hallucination. From drugs he went one step beyond where it was like He was seeing. We were both one night. Seeing we spent time with our current friends from their future ghosts. So like for instance. If i went home tonight and got into that behavior and talk to your ghost after you die fucking fifty sixty years from now. I come in to come back. But you're still alive in the real plane like those are the places we don't you kinda part of you think that maybe these drugs have enabled you to actually see what is really happening or do you feel like it was just the drugs now. I think the enabled me to have a fast track to find a goddamn solution. Yeah you know what i mean like meaning had i not gotten into my drug addiction. I would never been turned onto anything to help with it. Which means i would have lost all those tools of coping. I would have lost the support. That i have now. I would probably be a totally different person. So the drugs led me to self healing In a strange way i survived the process. Some people don't survive it Which is why. I think it's really important that people seek out there self-healing now so they don't have to go through what we've gone through In order to get the same thing go to the same place. You don't have to kill yourself or come close to dying to find the the light and i enter the tunnel. You know what i mean. It's just it's a waste of time. Yeah what are you. What advice do you have won't keep you much longer. But what advice do you have to anyone. That's struggling with addiction right now and feels hopeless and feels like stuck in that cycle with. I mean there's there's so much right. Now with the kobe lockdowns and stuff there are so many zoom meetings and they are twelve step oriented and you just do a random search islet absolutely advised that because and i don't care what twelve step group it is or even if it's just a process group or even if it's just finding therapists that you can facetime with Professional help is out there. They're all working. They're all doing it with the with the digital technology which is one great aspect of it and So i do. I do three three groups a week. Rally there like an hour each. And we check in and it establishes Relationships it establishes a connections with people who who are struggling. So you don't feel alone there's laughter there's community antic their structure within the week so it used to be. I didn't know what day it was. Because we're in this lockdown like who gives a fuck with day it is right. It's the same day while now. I know where. I have to be monday wednesday and friday and so having that structure in place is also a great gift because it takes me out of my own head. That's running the show. Most of the time you know that our homeless are struggling right now wrapped up. I mean whether it be like depression anxiety. Whatever i know there are online meetings for pretty much everything for everything and there are support line. And even if it's calling your best friend. And saying i never told you this and i really need to get this off my chest. You will feel better you do. I mean you have to talk about it. I try to keep my grief bank empty. You know means crying out or talking out or whatever you know you have to. You have to keep it empty. Otherwise it's full on builds up. And i mean if you if you and i can sit here and talk about this stuff is openly as we have to as many people who watch you i mean which is millions you know and be comfortable cool about it and feel like proud of it like yeah man. We're fucking survivors. Not gonna let. I'm not gonna let some drug addiction or some dark thaad or some loss of a girl or some whatever like ruined the gift that i've been given you know and i refuse digest about that I mean thinking about. I mentioned chris earlier and i went to chris. Cornell's funeral or chester bennington saying four chris cornell and then a month later. I'm sitting at chester zero a month later. I mean like these. It doesn't have to go that way. And these were two of the most gracious loving nicest guys chester would fucking show up before the crew and he would leave after they fucking closed the venue like he was a dedicated diehard. I've never seen anybody work with that ethic before Scott was a fucking sweetheart chris. Chris and i used to do. We used during twelve step panels when we did lollapalooza. So obviously of and jane's addiction ryan thing and during the day we reach out to rehab facilities and say. Hey bring bring.

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