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The Brady feisty is just moments ago president trump praising cone in the hero dog from the raid that killed the ISIS leader visiting the White House along with members of the special forces team involved in that raid ice president pants and the First Lady also appearing with Conan the US defence chief says president trump gave him a direct order to stop the disciplinary process against a navy seal acquitted of murder but found guilty of posing with the dead body of an ISIS fighter in a rock and a Gallagher had been demoted the president after restoring his rank is now stepped in to ensure Gallagher can retire with his trident in as for also says it was lack of candor that led yesterday's firing of the navy secretary Richard Spencer according to asper Spencer went behind the backs of the defense chiefs to try and negotiate a deal with the White House promising that he'd essentially fix the results of the navy's trident review board to ensure Gallagher remained a seal and kept his rank if the White House didn't interfere in the process oxygen for Griffin at the Pentagon that was contrary to Spencer's public statements about the case comedian Bill Cosby serving time for sexual assault still says he didn't do it fox is colonel Scott has this slide release the Cosby has completed the first year of a maximum ten year sentence for sexual assault he says he intends to serve all of that time rather than show remorse where crime he says he didn't commit Cosby also said during a radio interview yesterday that the Pennsylvania parole board will not hear him say he has remorse which is what legal experts believe a felon needs to show even to be considered for parole Cosby who is now eighty two is in the process of appealing his conviction as well as the sex offender label he now has Lisa thanks colonel on Wall Street stocks are higher the Dow is up one hundred forty two points back over twenty eight K. Erica is listening on the reliable dependable there's two you got it your top local stories are on Twin Cities news talk dot com Minnesota news network time Scott Peterson snow is heading to parts of Minnesota just in time for Turkey date National Weather Service meteorologist Tyler Haasan Stein says the system will likely move into southwestern Minnesota tomorrow afternoon into the evening the worst of the snow fall potential looks to be southern Minnesota southeastern Minnesota and then off into Wisconsin with areas as far north as the northern part of the Twin Cities I think the tension for a greater than six inches Haasan Stein says towns will be in the upper twenties to lower thirties the gusty winds could cause blowing snow and slick driving conditions he's encouraging drivers to give themselves plenty of extra time to get where they're going representative needs or wants to build river today announcing he's resigning from the state legislature effective December sixth there was recently had his eleventh open heart surgery and says almost thirty nine years old I'm one of the oldest living calls where my heart defect in the entire world and so we all have limited time next I have your life at each table really is a against the older Republican was diagnosed at a young age with a congenital heart defect in his parents were told he would not live past the age of seven there once was first elected to the legislature in two thousand twelve he's in his fourth term seven months after he was thrown off the third floor balcony at mall of America family friend says five year old land and has returned to school got out of the hospital in August it is.

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