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At one point radio he's been there literally there this was november 2015 then secretary defense ash carter in south korea in the dmz talking about deterrence and north korea's nuclear path the ever present danger is the reason why we speak of the ability to fight tonight uh that's the slogan appear uh no one ever wants to have to do that uh but uh deterrence is guaranteed through strengthened that's what the alliance is all about but could it happen his successor secretary of defense former general james mattis is in that seat right now a hot seat right now on monday here was mattis speaking at the association of the us army convention in washington saying be ready now what is the future hold neither you nor i can say sure there's one thing the us army can do and that is you have got to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed james mattis now holds the reins ash carter held him until january joins me in the studio served in the obama administration as secretary of defense until the handover to mattis early this year from '09 to eleven he was under secretary of defense for acquisition technology and logistics from two thousand eleven to two thousand thirteen you is defences deputy secretary and chief operating officer now ash carter is professor of technology in global affairs at harvard direct with the belfer center for science and international affairs of the harvard kennedy school is out with a new report on the fight against isis headlined a lasting defeat the campaign to destroy isis ask carter welcome back one point good to be here with you top what do you make of the north korea situation right now there's james mattis your successor talking with officers of the army this week and saying be ready.

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