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I would rather a man be it in absolute be honest in your piggott dri hittry as opposed to some trying to hide behind the facade her the wellmeaning i'll feminist ja in our um like that saturday night live skit did you see on got it basically fatal attraction a girl sitting on to bar and all these men keep trying to pick her up by telling her how woke they are until she says no and under like faulk you blah blah and that's that's living out the june alex is doing it and you know the first thing they say about her is if looks could kill their right away establishing her as violent then there also in the same scene establishing the fact that sex will kill you because you have his coworker whose wearing a neck brace and his wife was taken out in a stroller because of god only faquih knows what they're doing i can't even imagine maybe have just boring in the bedroom i can picture what you do the wind up with him in a neck brace in you on a stretcher maybe i should think harder about it maybe i should with me leonard guy unlike it's not that difficult i just think of leg you know but like i'm a lesbian you know so i think you know but you definitely get creeks in the next time how you're going down there for a while on than and also depends on like where she was she could have been like laying it leaning propped up on a counter i am midtable or like ankles michelle mcgann stand and she has or ankles heaviest ambitious in her hands down on a table and then she got her legs overhit months i don't know me she fell.

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