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Altieri on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm party at this morning we're at sixty six degrees in denver now on colorado's morning news the two thousand eighteen general election for colorado governor you're going to be democrat jared polis against republican walker stapleton in his acceptance speech last night stapleton offers a vision for our state elections are about choices they're about the direction we want to see colorado head in the future tonight we celebrate the first step and we will offer colorado a hopeful economic vision for all of our children on the side winner jared polis already campaigning against his gop opponents walker stapleton comes out on the wrong side and the people of colorado know that police got forty four percent of the democratic vote to carry kennedy's twenty four percent in mike johnston's twentythree stapleton receiving eight forty eight percent of the republican vote victor mitchell came in next with thirty percent followed by greg lopez and doug robinson it was an expensive primary and you know spending may have been the difference in polish his campaign koa newsradio connor shreve has live with that part of the story connor april he spent nearly twelve million dollars in all we've seen the most expensive primary now in colorado gubernatorial history and political analyst eric sonderman believes when it comes to the general election we could still see historic money i think we're looking at i you'd have to to extrapolate that he's going to spend twenty five in the general on the republican side walker stapleton did survive more spending by his counterpart viktor mitchell in the primary but he predicted to us here koa radio that by the time it's all said and done his accounts will be exhausted reporting live in denver connor schrief koa newsradio on the republican side of stapleton wants to put the state's highest office in the win column former republican party chair dick waddams says the candidate will have to get behind a plan that calls for a tax increase to pay for transportation behind the camera proposal and make that kind of a defining issue in the campaign but it probably won't happen stapleton said last night he'll support a transportation plan with no tax increase in the race for attorney general the race is much tighter but appears phil wiser will come out on top in the democratic primary face republican george brock ler brooklyn says the democratic race reminds him of four years ago with the gop very unique and i think it's really a microcosm of what we're seeing go on in the democrat party across the country it's to me like twenty ten in the republican party between the establishment and the tea party although this is two different extremes on the progressive side wiser has fifty one percent to salazar's fortynine percent in new york it's a big upset in last night's primary their longtime congressman joe crowley lost his bid for another term dot com of this saying that we did have.

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