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Shows. I'll give you the pitch you tell me if you'd watch ready. There's a comedy called indebted about a young married. Couple has their parents move in with them after running into money problems. The parents are played by Steven Weber from wings and framed drescher the nanny will you watch the show. No, no. I know what it's like when your parents have to move into. All right. Let's see there's a drama called council of dads. Listen to this tearjerker. It's about a father who asked his friends to serve as backup dads for his kids because he's diagnosed with cancer, they say Hello. Said mental vibe like the show. This is us watch. A legal drama called bluff city law, featuring former L A law star Jimmy Smits. No. Striking out here. There's a comedy starring Keenan Thompson for Saturday live. And of course from Kenan Cal show. It's called the Keenan show. He plays. The recently widowed father with two young girls and Andy Garcia places, mostly unhelpful, father had wall. Maybe I'll give it one episode. There's a drama called Lincoln. If you remember the movie the bone collector with Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington about twenty years ago. This is based on the same novel. Yup. And Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington are both on the show. No, they're not. Oh, my. No, they're not on the show. But the idea of the show I will tune in. All right.

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