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Is ESPN. Zach Lowe you did eventually figure out why Jamal Murray was throwing all that you after Denver made the conference finals. Curse of your official playoff picks for ESPN. Got That yes. fiene picks thing which is becoming the bane of my existence. He might have seen me on the jump the previous Friday in which because this is what they do on TV they say, Zach yes or no are the clippers winning game five and you can't be well, the nuggets are pretty good i. Yes or no said yeah, it's over but it was. It's not I. Don't enjoy it as much as people. I mean I feel like there's a decent chance that you just became the proxy for ESPN and possibly even espn daily because full disclosure we have not even talked about the nuggets since February. When we had a different host, this is how Meena and Doris Burke dealt with some of this nuggets speculation back that I'm sorry I'm sorry nuggets fans do you think they will be stuck in sort of that purgatory between the two teams? I still think they may be a year away Jamal Mary has got to be at the top of his game. He's not necessarily a shot creator, but he has this unique chemistry with Nicola Yokich. The sum of their parts is what makes that group special? What was the valid criticism of this team? Why did so many people miss out on the so badly? With people. You get to the final eight in the NBA playoffs. Every team is good. There are degrees of good but I pick the clippers to win the title. Anyway. So I was talking about this with someone on the nuggets yesterday because they were saying to me, why do you think? Everyone's for this team might terminology for me. What it was was like, what is this team's defense? So two years ago I think they were twenty third in defense last year they were like ninth or tenth, but there was this possibility that it was kind of full circle because they gave up a ton of threes and a ton of shots at the rim where they're getting lucky that opponents was missing those shots and this year they slid to twentieth. And were trending down all season long and so you had their numbers just all over the place but in a way that was like, maybe there's a sort of a mediocre to not good defensive teams like you can't win seriously in the playoffs and through the first four games against Utah they weren't healthy. They were recovering the the virus, it their team they looked bad on defenses any team I've ever seen him. They look I. Mean I heard you and Kevin talked about this on the low post podcast, your show and the phrase which I think it's fair to those who do remember watching the nuggets at some point earlier this postseason was it looked like they had quit. I just I think people. This is what we're learning about. This is like I think once the game start all of us have attended to watch the game what's going on in the game and forget like all day came with half team and were playing some of the seating games with like four centers and Paul Millsap on the floor and Gary Harris was injured in Wilburton is still injure since votes for Games. They've defended it like a top eight ish level in that's been the change like if the seem can defend their. Awesome. If they're mediocre bad defense if deemed third just good and it's unclear exactly what they are. So. We're according to on squad cast. We can choose our username and you have chosen four today. Nickel Yokich Stan. Zach. Lowe and let's first begin the conversation with you just describing for someone who's never actually even seen Yokich like what is Causing you to feel this strongly about that dude. So I was just watching before this in preparation for the conference finals. All of Yokich is post ups in pick and rolls against the Lakers, and he had this one pass that he caught in the post against Danny. Green with his right hand and. saw a cutter going baseline turn to the ball around in his hand without touching it with his left hand and like flicked this weird like his elbow was pointing up at the ceiling this weird like no look behind the back bounce pass raising the hunter is like every game he's throwing pass that I've never ever seen before Yokich with another past Murray got fouled. That wasn't another past Mike that was the pass over the head. Cup. These, toying with the game now. If you look at some of his passes to cutters like they're not open, they're not open they're totally well-covered. There is no pass available, but he just understands they're open. If the defense doesn't see the ball coming, he's the most imaginative passer certainly among big men I've ever seen they call him they broadly there's a consensus I think I agree as well. He's the best passing big man ever can we say that flatly I say that flatly The numbers are becoming pretty convincing people ten years older than you will defend bill. Walton sure and put his name in there. I'm young for buildings prime and of course, none of us got to see really arvydas bonus in his prime. But that's sort of the holy. Trinity of Big Man Passers. But everything he does like the way. I. See him shoot jumpers like my description for it is he looks like someone who's playing beer pong into his fourth hour at the table like just full extension just like flopping everywhere I don't know how this is going in, but it goes in for more often than you might think he feels like he's on the verge of becoming this enormous like very no doubt superstars AC. What do you expect to see out of him against the Lakers? I totally agree with you, and in fact I think.

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