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So thanks a lot further. I'd now do interviews. You will I hear Joe Murphy for vocalized day. I then followed by Roger Kibi who is the winner of the Samsung developer challenge, which we didn't know at the time when I interviewed him happen the next day, but congrats to Roger for that. And then filed by Pete Haas. Who was also a finalist and has really interesting things around product search and basically a store that he set up on. I'm Bixby creating new capsule. So enjoy the interviews and let me know thought. Okay voice about listeners. I'm here today with Joe Murphy, founder CEO vocalized at a and we are at the Samsung developer conference two thousand eighteen San Francisco at the Mosconi center, and we had an interesting morning today in which oh, yeah. Really was. Thank you for the interview. And we attended the keynote session, and let's just get the elephant out of the room. Okay. There was a foldable phone. I know amazing has nothing to do with voice. But while it was impressive. And now we can jump back to sixty. Well, so yes, there was a photo phone and we saw an action if you it downstairs yet. No, I haven't okay, I've got to go. I've got to go check that out. I don't know if they have it down tires out it because it was in that guy's pocket, and I don't think it's leaving his body. He took off. So that that was one of the things that I I pointed out to people on Twitter because I was just like an aunt hopeful phone, and I've been talking about Bixby and all these other things, and I'm like, oh Bixby big launch pretty significant stuff. But all the headlines are going to be about the phone. Yeah. But it is notable. They opened the keynote with Bixby an AI and they're glad you said, yes. And kind of contrast that I think to earlier in the year at the apple developer conference. How voice was such a miniscule part of the show and here Bixby invoice really is layered on top of almost everything they're doing except the foldable phone. Yeah. The foot will foam was sort of like that one more thing the end which used to be a big thing at apple developer conferences, now is like dark mode is one more thing. I mean, it's sort of leaves you wanting more. So did you go to the apple developer WDC this year? I was there earlier this year, and I was kind of disappointed on the lack of Siri horsepower. At the presentation. It was really just shortcuts. Yeah. And that really didn't have a voice component. And we've seen it. I mean, it's not that impressive in. Traditionally I always so originally I came from the mobile phone world. So traditionally Samsung apple are the two competitors that you see going to head with the iphone versus the galaxy. Now, I see starting today shift where who is Samsung's main competitor might not be apple in the future because as they're going more and more towards the expe- smart things, and what really hit me was the multi modal nature of Bixby. It's more than Alexa. It's more than Siri, and it's heading more towards Google assistant territory. Right. And I thought that could make who do you think the number one competitor is now Gogel, but their number one partner for mobile. Who was on the stage. Yeah. Google is up there with only third party on the stage. I believe right. Absolutely for the keynote. So did someone you think sort of think through this strategically and say, you know, we have to reaffirm part of the Android community. So we need to have a what what was he up there? Three minutes. Yeah. Three minute interlude by someone from Google. Do you think that was really the motivation behind that? I hate to think what people's motivations are..

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