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Back, Michael. Oh, guy, And that's who we thought Mike Lyndall was for a very long time and suddenly he's in the fray, and he's not afraid to be in the fray. He's back in the program. It's from my pillow. It's Mike Lyndall. Mike, How are you? I'm doing great. The day you made an awfully busy day, You'd have been texting back and forth today. We've been talking about this absolute proof. You've been teasing this. This video that you made for a while. I'm not going to do some big, long, Three minute disclaimer like everybody else. You are making these claims you have done the research. You are financing it. You back it up with your reputation. So let me let me start. Let me start there, Mike, Because again, you are the my pillow guy, And I'm guessing you got a couple of bucks in the bank. Everything is going great. You employ a bunch of people in Minnesota urine all American guy with an all American company. Why, on God's green Earth and this is the first thing people want to know. Would you dare put all that at risk? And I have put it on risk. Because if you knew what I knew, if you had 100% proof, not 99.99 that our country was attacked, and we got all these boats from foreign countries went through these machines and did this to our country. And when the evidence came out, I found out January night, so it won't. I mean, if I did not that I couldn't live with myself s. So I'm getting it out there and No, no, Everybody's going to see part of what I've seen. I mean, there's what's in this sock. Absolute proof is we have tens of thousands of these cyber Fernet footprints, sort of speak right? I've got. I've got to be perfectly honest here. I've seen 45 minutes of it. And as a former journalist who does a big radio show Now I want to be perfectly honest. I think it's too long. But I haven't seen all two hours of it, Mike, and by the time I get done with it, I'm gonna watch the rest of it later on. Maybe I'll prove to be wrong. But I know that our attention span in America and on social media and online especially is very short. How many people have seen this so far today 11,811,000 and almost everyone has washed it all the way to the end, so because at the end, the last 1/4 is is the evidence that nobody's seen in this country. I just had one piece. That I had from January 9th, and that's what I tried to get to the president when you all seen that. That's that's what I put up on Twitter on January 9th and Man they took that down so fast. I lost my Twitter for 20 days, and now it's gone forever. Okay, so training the attack your personal Twitter. So the ATM A real Mike Lindell is gone and then because you posted on the my pillow Twitter they got rid of that as well that they claim it's because what you're saying is somehow a perception of inciting violence. Michael May I ask you very directly guide a guy American to American. Do you want violence? Are you looking for insurrection? Of course Not Anybody that knows me. Are you kidding? I've got my eye open evangelical platform. That's my biggest platform. I do. What God God has me. Do I pray about what I'm supposed to do? I'm right where I'm supposed to be. For such a time is this I mean, they're putting that up there. That's the big narrative that they're trying to use that the Communist use. Let's just use this narrative this socialist and you know what they scared all my box stores. There's 10 8 to 10 box stores that they've, you know, just said, Well, we're not going to sell it because he's bots controls. It's It's canceled culture and there's 70,000 people that was done this on Twitter. Jack door. She did this too. And I'm on Facebook. I can't stream live anymore. I can't stream live to my own friends on Facebook. What are they hiding? You know, it's a great question. It was up on video. They took it down. It was up on YouTube. They took it down. You have it now on your direct website, And I believe it's also on rumble. Where I saw it had 600,000 views of not more by now. How do they find this video that they can't find on social media right now? Is that mike Lyndall dot com. What is it? It's Michael J lindell dot com. But you can. Now you can just go on Google my name or put in absolute proof, either one. Well, we had to buy. They put out fake stories and tried to push that down, too. But it's all getting out there and I encourage everybody to watch it. It's all true. Every single thing on there. I didn't put anything where people were going to be subjective, you know? Well, I assume that this happened. I assume that this happened. I know what you're going to see once you see to the end You're going to see that last fourth where it's actually inside the spyware that actually showed everything from that exact date. You know what tells me that my my viewers of my listeners Mike should watch. This is that Absolute proof was trending on Twitter. Then it disappeared. And then it showed back up, and then it disappeared. You've got Silicon Valley's scared to death that people will say this because they're not sure how to handle it. You're like, Do we leave it alone? Do we let it trend organically? Do we take it down? And then we were going to say it's inciting violence. So when you see that happening, D did you get the same sort of feeling that I did that? They know that if they have more people see this More questions will be asked. And then a narrative that they've been pushing for so long will go will be will be challenged. Absolutely. Here's what's happened. Everybody knows since January night I've been in the news every single day from when Dominion put their thing up and said they were going to come out to me to win. My Twitter's went down and all this stuff. Have talked about this this for, like 14 days straight. Maybe 20 every day My morning starts CNN, New York Times What? Washington Post USA Today? Minneapolis Star Tribune I call I'm on the phone all day long for hours and hours today today and everyone says, Mike, You don't have any evidence..

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