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Show. I'm Robert. Maggie and I'm here with my son and Chris. Maggie. Don't forget to give us a call 81332 to 25 20 set of tax appointment now starting at $69 will do a free tax analysis for you. See if we can help you with the new tax cuts because a lot of people are confused. So give us a call 813322 to 5 to zero and I also want to talk about, you know, we wrote a book a while ago stopped funding Uncle Sam's retirement. Get a plan that's simple and easy to understand, And it's available to all of you. So when you come in, we'll make that book available to you because it's a simple read about what we do. It's about organizing your assets. It's about the color of money that Chris and I talk about every week. It's very simple, and it's very easy to understand and understanding. So security Chris this is a big one. Because many people out there don't understand so security When we do seminars for federal employees, the biggest question is even the so security people come to the seminar. We know more than they do. So how important is that? Right now we're talking all about what we do. Everything's important. My gosh, Here's what we do. And if you have any questions or anything that we talk about, pick up the phone schedule time to meet with us, because let's just make this statement. The people who do your tax return most advisers out there just to tax preparation. Most CPS tax repairs just do tax preparation. All they do is prepare your taxes pretty simple. Don't give you tax advice. Most advisers out there just put together investments, Investments go up and down, up and down. That's all they do. But if you're looking for more way more That's what we do here. It Maggie tax advisory and financial group We do in complaining. What does that mean? We help people generate income plans that they won't outlive we can generate. Play checks and also paychecks for guaranteed income for life weaken. Do that. Do you have an income plan? If not schedule time to meet with us? We also do tax planning. What's that? We not only just to tax preparation, but we help people reduce their taxes. Do your tax returns like an X ray? To us? We help people find ways to have more income on a tax favored basis. So more is coming to them instead of going Uncle Sam. If you don't have a tax favorite plan, we can help you. What about insurance planning? What about protecting your money? That's what we do. People are concerned about the volatility of the market. Look what we have experienced. Are you going through the stress and the anxiety of this market? In your accounts Going up and down doesn't have to be there. We can do some insurance plan to help you protect what you have. There are ways to do that. If you don't have this, we can show you. What about investment planning. Great. We create bucket planning. We create buckets buckets that have for investment purposes for later money. We can show you how to have a purpose with every account that you have your money invested in for growth opportunities for income opportunities. Whatever it is, we can show you. If you don't have this plan, we can help. What about so security maximization planning? When's the best time to take so security to the year and the month we can show you and your spouse one time the maximize it. That's what it's about Maximized the money you put in. We can show you when. What about a state planning, making sure everything's put together to make sure it stays in your family and avoid probate. How powerful is what we do that Because complete planning his way to go well, you said a lot there and I'll tell you what he did say is the Magi plan that he was talking about the Magi plan. It's simple and easy to understand. And you know, Chris talked about so secretive, but I have to so security and your additional income is accounted for this something that a lot of advice is leave out. It's called the income gap, So if you miss in certain amount of income to retire How you going to do that? So having an income plan's gonna help you get a picture of what your retirement is really going to look like? No matter how old you are. That's the beauty of this, So integrating your soul security options with the rest of your income plan. It's going to give you a good idea of how much more money you need. We're going to get it from. That's why we do in complaining. Chris talked about the buckets money now, money later, Okay, It's so important to find ways and this is a key word to leverage your retirement assets to satisfy your need for lifetime income, and we talked about it earlier. The biggest question Chris's lifetime income. How do I get it? For many of you that lost money in 1, 4008. And now in 2018, What did that do to your retirement plan? How bad Chris? Are they thinking like, Oh, my gosh. No, I gotta wait another seven years and get it back doesn't have to be that way. If you have the insurance planning, and you have the complete planning, and you have the investment planning You can avoid all this. We talk about protecting your core. Protect what you want. Invest the rest. But again, you know, at the end of the day you could You have your protection on what you want. Whatever percentage of your money you'll have the protection. Do you want that? If so, we can help you 81332 to 25 20. That's 81332 to 25 20, and I'll leave it with this. Be sure that everyone listening today. You understand the features and the benefits the costs and fees that are associated with any account you have and many times when Christian I sit down with people they don't understand. The fees are more than what they made. When you ask us my accounts going down and you're putting money in. It's because of the fees and what's going on with that. You need to understand that. Okay, So, like I said, it's not about the stock bond of mutual fund anymore. It's about guaranteed income sources. This is what many of you don't have out there. It's about what we talked about in our book. Read Money, green money. It's about what we talked about in our book getting a plan. That is your plan, not the government plan, and the government plan is a tax plan. Remember something? All of you that put money in an eye area for one case, Not all your money. Not all your money because when it come tax time, Chris what happens? It becomes a tax time bomb. And then when we show the illustration on my gosh, they go. Wow. He's no wonder he's got a beard. He works hard. He works. Listen, Anybody think about this, You know, you know the tax rates. What if here 30% Tax free. And you receive $100,000 of inherited IRA or not, all right, and you take it the wrong way. That's 30% tax. Think about the debt that we have is a country They're going to raise tax rates in the future. So maybe 10 years down the road. What if that 30% tax rates 50% than 50% of that 100 thousands gonna go to the Uncle Sam before you get the rest. So how do you.

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