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It run the roster last year that killed penalties are both gone. Barkley Good role went to do a Tampa and want to Stanley Cup and you know, in Melker Carlson is back in Sweden. This year, though, they were really important to the Sharks. PK. So how do you replace that? Well, one thing that you do is you bring back Matt Nieto was playing Colorado the last couple of years. He knows the system. He's got that tenacity on the penalty kills an important part of his game, and so he can slide right in there. The other guy that I'm interested to see if he's going to be a part of it is Ryan Donato. It was acquired from the You know Minnesota over the course of the summer. You may remember his dad. Ted Donato, who's the head coach at Harvard and was his coach when he played it Harvard and he's somebody that has speed. He's crafty. He's got tenacity, and he was one of the leading scores actually even strength from Minnesota last year, but he does play on the P K a little bit, so I think that's gonna be fascinating on the power play. What they really need is obviously they're going to generate the offense from Burns and Erik Karlsson, primarily getting things toward the net sometimes scoring themselves. But that's where Logan Couture and Tomas heard Lenny Evander Kane and team all mired. Kevin Love Banker. Five of the top six Forwards are really gonna have to contribute a little bit more, and I think it's a big year for the bank Admire. In my opinion, Kane obviously scored 26 schools. Last year. He was on his way to 30, so he's going to score goals. No question. And hurdles. Another guy that I think is going to step forward in terms of his leadership because this guy is a monster in terms of controlling the puck making big plays so I'm looking at those players on the power play to be the contributors upfront to complement what Burns and Carlson they're doing to get it to him. Sammy, what do you think of the new format this year with the four divisions? You know 56 games instead of 82, all the Canadian teams in the same Scotia North Division. What do think of the format? Well in terms of the sponsorship. Gary Bettman obviously described. That is not a way to generate revenue but to preserve it. And that is obviously take care of some of the best sponsors to make sure they're in a position where normally they would be in an arena with the jam packed fans. Now they're gonna have a presence, you know, in Uh, Internet newspaper sites and and on television and so forth, And, of course on radio, um, as far as the way that they set it up, I think it's the best way to do it. The 56 game schedule is not that different from some of the other schedules we've had when there's been a lockout and delayed the season to January, so they're gonna be a lot of three games and four nights, but what we've seen to that that's a little different with this. Is that there are a number of serious that they're going to be played. For instance, This is a game tonight against Arizona will Saturday afternoon, two teams were playing again and we often see the teams, you know, playing one game and leaving going to the next city right away. I think, in part to, uh to be as precautionary is possible with current health situation but also To encourage that rivalry and so forth. We're seeing Maura of what we normally are able to observe in the playoffs, where you play a couple of games. There's you know, obviously the playoff series many more in a row against the same team. And then you got all those games in the same division that harkens back to when the NHL had only six teams, and they would play all of their five opponents, seven at home and seven away 14 times. It's no wonder John Ferguson and Teddy Green. We're fighting it every weekend. Actually, Boston Garden. You know, President didn't deal with each other on that. So I think it's exciting, I think is gonna be intense. I think we're gonna have Ah, You know, a lot of it's going to be a little strange early because we had no preseason. You know, last night the NHL opened up in all kinds of goals scored. That was that was something that was jumping out at me. And that usually does happen the beginning of the year. But Think it Xena. Be great. It's gonna be intense. It's going to be fun. And, of course, you know for the fans. It'll be away Tomo to at least enjoy the game again. And as we get close to the normal and hopefully before the year is over. We might actually get to a point where we might be able to see some fans. I have my doubts about that. But at least I have the hope. Janet, this team's going toe, make the playoffs. Uh, what do you think Their personality is gonna end up being Team that's defensively responsible. Team that is opportunistic with the talent that they have. And I think that that second part is going to be really important because you know the hockey's a reading react game is, you know, and I think that that they read it pretty well last year. But their reactions not necessarily where were they were supposed to be. And Bob Boone has been working on that since he became coach during the middle of the year, and I think that that's something they're gonna have to do. They have to get off to a good start. There's no question and they've got to put the puck in the net a little bit more. Which means they have to have possession. With these guys they have on the roster. There's no reason why they shouldn't do that with, you know, leadership of people like Logan to cure who I think is going to be a developing into a outstanding captain. He's already doing that, but I think he's going to develop even more..

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