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Now secretary Alex eight guards the secretary health and Human Services he's one of those individuals up with the trump store on a regular basis and secretary agar welcome again to the bill Cunningham shown Mr secretary how are you bill it's great to be with you in your listeners thanks for having me let's talk about some issues and this morning I had a commentator talk about how this is different no one goes on ventilators when they have a cold or the flu as you may know my wife the people's judge about a month ago at a terrible flu it was awful took her to the hospital you'll be fine go home and like the avian flu and respirator not used or ventilators can you tell the American people why this particular a corona virus is fundamentally different than all these other flus that seemingly have killed a lot more people yes so the flu does kill you said thirty to sixty thousand people every year but that's I hate to say it but almost built into how we think about health care every year with the annual flu cycle this virus the novel coronavirus it particularly is very severe at a ha a higher Patel the rate among the elderly as well as those who are medically compromised and and so you do have people on blue that are in those categories who might need to get on a ventilator also in intensive care but with the covert nineteen virus you will see you you'll see people who have to go in the sense of care about three percent worldwide need intensive care and about half of those end up needing a ventilator is what we say and so if if it's true it's a seemingly is true that the great majority of American people I would think over ninety nine percent because if one percent of the American people would die that'd be about three point three million right now it's about twelve thirteen hundred and so assuming everyone says it's true that well over ninety nine maybe ninety nine point nine nine percent of the American people will be unaffected by this why is this thing morphed into a new year economic depressive condition when it's a medical problem that the leaders have now morphed into an economic problem well why can't we saw both at the same time well that's what president trump is trying to do with his leadership is the balance how do you prevent the spread here so that it doesn't become something where where we lose so many Americans to finality but balance that against the economic impacts and so that's why he's had this fifteen days the slow the spread to try to tamp this down and that's why just yesterday in a letter to governors he's talked about moving to a much more county by county approach that is based on the data we have from really the I think the envy of the world this point six hundred thousand people tested the U. S. were adding about sixty five thousand a day to give really good data that will let the president give guidance to states and local governments on on how they could be very measured in their approach is more extreme where you're in a hot zone in more measured and and looser in areas perhaps that are not stoplight about red green and yellow well I don't like the idea it's funny you say that bill with which we've actually talked about exactly that to me you're getting it built New York city's red Cincinnati Ohio northern Kentucky is green and maybe Miami Florida is yellow and so here in little Cincinnati you know how many deaths we've had from this I don't know how many of you had zero well thank god thank god I want to keep it that way me too I'm I'm not diminishing what people are saying about living and dying but normally I like to and twenty seventeen twenty eighteen according to wikipedia they're never wrong about eighty thousand human beings died in the United States of America what the terrible seventeen and eighteen ten years ago what what the what the other flew under Obama according to found G. about thirty five thousand died three hundred thousand or hospitalized we're not even close to those numbers and because spring is you know April first as one on Wednesday we're not even close to those numbers so how come you're treating us differently than we treat other flus that seemingly have must worse results why well you know build a really good question it's on the president's talked about is just the the annual flu alone as you said thirty to sixty thousand people can die every year from that it is something that's almost built into our healthcare and our own societies expectations that that does happen every year I think that the reason the novel coronavirus has people more on alert is the fact that it's highly contagious it's on top of that those are additional people who will suffer and potentially die if we don't take action and we don't have the tools we have with the flu to deal with the flu we lose thirty to sixty thousand with a vaccine and with therapeutics and so here we don't have a vaccine we don't yet have therapeutics and so that's one of the reasons that makes this particularly frightening to to us is our health care system is overwhelming that capacity no we don't see we don't see health systems overwhelmed as we've seen in Italy by the flu we when you add this on top of specially is restored the tail end of the flu season there is a very real concern about how do we push this off how do we mitigate it so that we don't overwhelm our system you know I saw doctor Deborah bricks yesterday and I I Burton and I think she's doing a great job and she said that if we had the same numbers of a early that be approximately fifty thousand Americans would be dead right now and I don't want to diminish anyone's death if your dad mom dad your mother's dad my sister that's a big deal but none the less we need it we need a solution that's commensurate with the problem do you see a circumstance in the years ahead and I think many in the media is rooting for something terrible to happen CNN is not the cable news network that the cable opinion network C. O. N. but nonetheless have your opinion that's fine but do you see a circumstance based all that's happened the past three weeks that America we have the same kind of numbers as Italy which should mean about fifty two hundred thousand Americans that is that is not probable well it's hard to predict that it will when you're dealing with infectious disease right now New York is the one that's most hot in the close is looking to Italy but of course they're also fairly late in taking very active community mitigation steps to to basically social distancing people people from each other and spreading that disease in addition though you know you're you're raising really good points and one of them you raised was we're we're getting towards spring and warmer weather and most respiratory illnesses we can't we don't know for sure it'll be the case with this one but most respiratory illnesses that spread by droplets tend to be less contagious and how and and go into a more of a dormant state in warmer weather part of it just because we get outside and we naturally social distance from each other and there's less less spreading so the president's goal is how can we push the impact off in the United States prevent more New York than the United States hopefully get to that warmer weather hopefully get some more of a dormant phase buyer sells time as we work to bring therapeutics and vaccines to the market so that if we do face another wave in the fall that will be better prepared and have have been even more defenses than just shutting things down and social distancing during early about two minutes remaining out what is heard mentality my producer Tony Bender is thinking about cows and sheep and things like that herd mentality what is heard mentality yeah build up that has a great quest I think what he's referring to is herd immunity at some point and we see this like with measles at some point if enough of us whether by vaccine or having had a disease body that fight against it in our system we can't be carriers and we can't spread it to other people and basically the the value of the the virus can't get any hosts and humans and spread around anymore that was that sixty seventy eighty percent being in impacted at some point it basically can die off because the north people have immunity to it while we're not there yet but that's certainly something that folks have talked about is that with the virus like this maybe you get to the point of actually where you have heard of unity we'll have to see you know this novel coronavirus we think it's a pretty stable virus that's what that Burke's Dr mercy mention has said it seems to be a fairly stable one that unlike the flu won't change each year but will have to say that that the data is going to show it now can you relate anything about the president's phone call last night with the prime minister of communist red China president G. anything you can relate to they they were on the I saw some of the president's tweets the the conference went well of course there I don't know if you're legally responsible I'm an attorney I've been in the AG's office I would think there's some liability there because of the negligent behavior but can you relate anything relative to what the president agreed to with the communist red China last night I can't because I wasn't on the call and I've not yet spoken to the president this morning so I haven't gotten a download on that call yet except what I've seen in media reports so far well I would say this Mister secretary keep hope alive at some point the light at the end of the tunnel that the media criticizes will occur warm weather the Reds opening day was yesterday and it didn't happen yesterday was about seventy four degrees in Cincinnati we're bursting at the seams seems to get back to work and red yellow and green to may make some sense the media won't like it because it may be a success for the president but I wish you and yours nothing but the best and god bless you and god bless America thank you bill Mr secretary thank you let's continue with more the point is herd immunity takes place let me explain this even even a tiny battery might be able to understand let's say a line of ten people the first person catches the coronavirus and it's very early it's bad and so his body doesn't react to it puts out a few antibodies but not too many because it doesn't recognize it and then he sheds virus generally in droplets or spread or mucus something a character the second person catches and the second person's body size I don't recognize that and so he begins the process of fighting it off when the lungs fill up and he puts out antibodies that don't do the job then he passes on to the third person and the fourth person and the tenth person and the five hundred person each time it's passed on there's a less very own strain this being passed because each person has an anybody working it doesn't succeed in stopping it so by the time you get done hundreds of thousands of people that have been exposed to it you're not sick anymore very is that similar to the measles and what some others wrongfully have measles parties and which they kid doesn't have measles yet which is a virus they get the kids to gathering and they give each other measles so you have a less virulent strain otherwise you would get that later in life you have a complete immunity to it so that is what herd immunity is and so the longer these things go the less very what they become and when they come back for a second wave of the modern world we're gonna have therapies were gonna have vaccines are gonna other stuff to knock it down to beat it beat it down my first question to secretary Alexander Hagar of health and Human Services is that the flu does kill thirty to fifty thousand Americans every year I'm willing to bet you a hot fudge sundae from UT half that number were not even close approach but by this particular virus today as of noon it was twelve hundred and seven twelve hundred and seven we're never going to get the forty to fifty thousand so my point is let's do what the medical issues that we always deal with and on the other side of the coin let's get back to work you please not more than ninety nine point nine percent of the American people will be completely unaffected by this and if they're not affected it would mean ninety nine point nine nine percent would be about three hundred and thirty thousand people would die that ain't gonna happen so how come we took a medical issue that is a bad one that we can deal with and more fit into an economic issue that is collapsing the American economy and the media is driving this argument in this debate because it fits their agenda of scaring the crap out of you so you listen or watch more and secondly if it's an agenda to get rid of trump that's what's behind this well let's continue later on we may have a real life survivor of the coronavirus wanted Tony benders buddies or Sir it is a live in well off I think is a former marathon runner former navy seal healthy as a horse but none the less is doing quite well.

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