A new story from Think Again a Big Think Podcast - 100. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist) The Only '-ist' I Am


It is shortsighted to presume that that has to happen in the same person that can happen in an assembly of a dozen people on the landscape this cara santa maria who she herself has training and neuroscience has become a science educator popularise or sides communicator and she's interviewed on documentaries hosted shows she's on the landscape to and so i i got avenue which and i'll try to do the best i can and that niche i think i can grow what i do and if it can serve the curious audiences then i'll do it i'm happy to do that if i can and i have the time so to say will cross does this but not that or i do that but not this is a pointless it's a pointless concern right and certainly not what i'm saying it's mark has it was a concern that may actually have no foundation at all indeed well i am that comes to the end of our time together of course it did and before we go i just wanna do due diligence or whatever you would call it for my son is to ten in wanted me to tell you that he is a huge fan and thinks that you're amazing we've been watching cosmos okay excellent at age ten or i can tell you is don't don't look it up that is a particularly delicate years just pre pubishing not quite middle school but still old enough to act on their curiosity without killing themselves regular one zero through three the curious but half of the things they wanna do will kill them right cruel to the edge of this cliff in c was there ten they know how to not kill themselves with they're still curious keep that going and and don't forget an idea i gotta go home and tell my son near the crisis had don't like it up to your right right oh it's up to me i say i see what you're saying yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you thank you so much for your time excellent rate that keep it this going you guys are all onto a good thing here.

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