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I'm concerned by a lot of judge Kavanagh's record in this area certainly is a lot of writing out there. A lot of things you said that causes concerns for a lot of people, whether they're liberal, moderate or conservative Senator Chris codes. Thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate it as always, we want to get a bit of news from overseas. Australian Prime minister. Malcolm Turnbull has been out ousted after inter-party squabble with us. Now in London, NBC News International correspondent Cal Perry cow, my gosh, Turnbull was never a tight fit for the liberal party. It's a right of center party and this morning there there's talk about a differences in col- view on coal differences on on climate. Bills differences on immigration. What exactly tipped it over was a tipping point to have Turnbull pushed out of the liberal party leadership and effectively pushed out his prime minister. Listen, it may have been the immigration issue. This is almost like covering today in trouble democracies. This was a political coup. Malcolm Turnbull was basically politically assassinated behind closed doors. His party decided that he should no longer be the leader of this conservative party. As you said. He was always a bit uncomfortable in that role because he was a bit of a moderate. So what we're going to see now is Scott Morrison, he's the new leader of this party. He's going to be prime minister. He has almost no support eight percent support, and here's what he ran on shades of America here ran on immigration tougher immigration ran on the slogan, bring parliament back together. That sounds oddly like make America great again and to reinvest as you said in the coal sector. So we see not only. Swing to the right, but we see really bureaucracy unable to handle modern politics. This will be the seventh prime minister in just ten years. So a country that really does seem to be stumbling does seem to be stuttering a little bit when it comes to their political future before I toss it back to you, Joe. I wanted to filibuster a little bit here from London because I rarely get the chance on sport, and I wanted to preview for audience a little bit of what you've done. Recently went out to Stanford bridge to cover one of the greatest sports rivalries. Take a look. How can you describe it to allow the Yang's we'll foot Bo, no Sokha foot boat. May. Imagine ten thousand superpowers mixed into you one if I come on last what it means to get Chelsea and Liverpool. This is actually a match really math with. With love to say they'll. In the Misao pleasurable sale side area. Anyways, it with their gossip club of waves my full over his niche near way of life. Sunday. This place is going to be a Coldren of noise. Excitement and energy stages been set Chelsea and Liverpool or steeped in a century tradition. But as they say, the victors or the ones who write in stream..

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