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You'll brainwave stopped to pick up? It reminds you that you'll going into that like you can hear rain thunder and lightning coming over the top of you. But when you're starting outing distill remind you can hear calm serenity and birds chirping and the idea is the more that you can hear during the meditation process the Betty. You're doing so I thought it was we. We were bullshit when I first got it. However within the spite of five weeks I could go all Mr Hall station just hearing birds and it gives you it shows you Brian? Rain wiped patent at the end of it Now I was just focusing on that point on getting because it award you so you get actual awards for the main. Yeah that's right. Confirm it but the thing is is The secondary implementation of it was that I was much comma. Yeah I started to realize is does more focus is less fatigued. A wasn't reacting to things as impatiently or is violently is not violently. That's not the right. Choice of words but supposedly impulsivity and impulsivity bit of choice but patient. Yeah so the whole thing was as I was learning to be more sainted and always making better and informed choices choices and didn't realize it so as a secondary effect of what I was doing a realize. Hey this is actually really censoring me. It's actually working so there's something to it definitely is if if you go out of meditation to take three depressed before you react just just ten what you counted ten. Take three deep breaths. If you only have three minutes you can do two four seven eight breathing methods for three minutes dot coms you down but what my call alter action ease please. If you teach your dog down stay its effect that you can hold the downstate as long as you don't. Because because he wanted the dog benefits from it too right. I've seen Britain many times and I agree with it personally. Never make an important decision when you happy all said. That's deep I have to. I can see anger with anger. Make important decisions when you're angry at that one. Well I kind of reflect on in many different ways because when you feeling your best you can be very agreeable and then later when you saw Santuario balance out a little bit you can thinking. Oh you know I sort of got hijacked on that while I was feeling quite delighted in high state of Arousal same thing when you feeling sad like you know if view Mike or Angry when you make a decision then I mean some of the worst decisions ever made was went off feeling angry and most people do. And that's daybreak. Right comes into sight on. Why did did you do that? And I said because I was fucking pissed off and that's why I did it. You know that's why I left my job. Well if my partner all said this terrible thing to a close friend indoor something like that so yeah something reflect on this is how it relates in it. When you play shaping games people select? That's really important less for the practical nickel skills of the person doing the shaping. I don't think the person on the cliquot really gets that much out of it. I think that the person that gets the most out of it eased the person that's pretending to be the dog in the shaping games right because it shows you the difficulty of trying to understand something when you're being told it non verbally and patients as as a is so useful training because you need patients with your dog and you need to understand that the issues that you'd always going through so when people play they're shaping games games they always sit really stupid criteria like they'll be pair of sunglasses on a table and they have to shape the person to come into the room and put the sunglasses on the table. That's not helpful. What it should be something totally counter intuitive like it should pick it up and hold it over your head because you have the framework of lack? Okay sunglasses go on my face and then we're taking your dog to heal my like. Why don't you understand? What healing is a framework under which to think like? This is what you might be teaching. We have to go from little scratch. Okay so when you playing those games. The point is the frustration that you feel is for you to understand like that's actually. The dog is feeling and then you have to use these patients that comes of all the techniques that we're using in training to go are at will let's break these down to its finest compartment and help the Dugout. That's technique but what comes of the patients. He's going okay like. Hey Man I get that. I'm trying to convince you of something that he's totally counter. Intuitive to you know I'm only able to do that using tiny little increments of reinforcement to get you along the Pasta understanding ultimately what I have just decided for. Whatever reason I'm GonNa take you? I think that's where the patients comes in. And that's where people they try and influence the dog too much in a way. That isn't helpful whether they use too much pressure or they You know try and compel the dog in a way that the dog isn't ready for Because they lose patience and that's where I think the patients in our industry and the National Day to day use of that really gone into Sean for people think Yup I think patience is important. I think if you look if he identified a patient skillfully a toolkit as a trainer Dogana and you make it a thing you pay attention to it. You will only benefit other than vegetation. What techniques compeer? Anka down.

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