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Where are you going to be starting from? Like, again, if you're around 500, yes, you could absolutely go on a second half run there. It seems like the brooms do it every single year where they get hot in February and March and April and kind of get rolling to the playoffs. But where are you going to be sat in front? That's going to be the issue because you better be hoping that either swayman and Omar are locked in at the start or pasta knock and hall and some of these other guys are leading the way because it's going to be tough. There's going to be some rough stretches, I think, especially in October, November, in early December where we're going to have quite a few podcasts of us just being like, we'll see what happens. I really don't have a great this team right now. They're missing arguably the best all around left wing in the game and what I think we should say is a top three defense in the league. Yes. Yeah. No, I mean, it is brutal. I also think it goes to show you and this is just another reminder of how far the bruins are away from contending for a cop away. And again, I separate contending for a playoff spot from contending for a cup. Lots of teams make them playoffs. Did the capitals have a sniff at the cup this year? No. Like there are so many teams like that that, you know, they get in. Like the predators when they got in this year and I had to face the abs. That's stupid. Like, yeah, you could play off game tickets, but what cost? You could have dealt at home and forsberg in the past bunch of years. But you look at like this stretch. You know, are they close to Tampa? No, Florida, no, Caroline, a really not at all. Colorado, no. Vegas even know. Like in Vegas has to figure out their net situation. So that's a whole different can of worms, but still that roster should be a lot better than it has been. And oh, by the way, they have Bruce Cassidy coaching the team. So you can probably expect they're going to at least be in the playoff picture. And then Arizona's Arizona, whatever. There'll be an ASU. Maybe we'll go out there and pretend we're in college again. Just for that. But yeah, rough, rough, rough ass schedule. Especially in that stretch. And by the way, every team goes through that. But for them to have that, it's such a dire time with their roster. Not great for them. Not too great. Anyways. Yes. Anyways, well, the bruins don't have a first round pick. At least as of as of recording this, they don't have a first round pick. They do have multiple day two picks in the second through 7th round. Day two prospects. Obviously everybody looks at centers, you got like Jack Hughes and northeastern, that's the big one that everybody loves. You wrote about him saying that, you know, he checks all the boxes. He's a local kid. Thanks for hockey. You know that if they draft a Jack Hughes, all the Bernie Sanders just be like, another freaking local kid that we got to hear about. But he's good. He's very good.

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