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Bleachers. And how you know fifteen thousand people in the bleachers another ten to fifteen thousand around and then when you talk about the entire area you're talking seventy five thousand you know just all around that area on i think That would be where i would do it again. Now you're you're running into a lot of issues with weather because fog. Maybe we'll sprinkle here and there but that's again you're going to go for the home run or not and i think i think you could do it it. It's it's likely tall. Although with the temporary bleachers. I think he can put you can put probably around fifteen to twenty thousand people in the area and we know that the impact. Yes the dodger stadium game. You can get sixty thousand dodger stadium young fans but i think what lake tahoe showed it is not just about necessarily making a profit which the outdoor games do it regardless of whether tv ratings declining or not the the outdoor games are still wildly profitable for the nhl not necessarily for the teams in the league. Is league organizers. The whole thing if you had fifteen thousand people there and you had more of an impact in the community like la is going to be buzzing because there's a hockey game on the beach in all you know the local tv stations. That may not cover every single game. You better believe they're going to be down there giving attention to the team getting attention to the sport in southern california. The biggest obstacle having lived in the beach areas would be the the city having to shut down that area for these two week festival. What does it hermosa happens if you if you plan planet for the winter. I think the beaches themselves aren't as necessarily busy as all of the traffic that it would entail to get all of the machinery down there but again they do it for a manhattan open so in volleyball. So you you to do but then you would have to really lock it down for for a week right. I streets a long beach grand prix. So it's just something that i i know from experience down here on the beaches and rightly so i'm sure they the residents don't necessarily not in my backyard exactly so you know. I guess if i had your money was able to buy million dollar house on the beach you know. I wouldn't want to live there for three hundred sixty five days a year and not have to move out. Every once in my condo is is just fine. Thank you very much To other topics. I want to get to one is You know kind of developing story. We'll see where it goes In the next couple days and weeks And i bring it up because you have experience with Kind of the international nature of the sport was our tammy perrin and You know this report out about You know potential a salt years ago when he was playing in the cage shell and then the revelation it might be politically motivated At just that breath thought here. If you will and and i know you've traveled to russia a couple of times and especially with the world championships in In the eighties your experience with you know just how careful you have to be and how everything winds up being political different times. I mean when i visited it was communist russia so that was eighty six world championships in the it was it was a shock. It was a complete shock to my system..

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