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Am moved by that man speech to this day. He was shortly thereafter assassinated. Again, I want to repeat something I said at the opening monologue, which is not to be messed iota replay. It. Which is I may be one of the only or the only person certainly the only person in talk radio who actually heard Martin Luther King junior speak live when I was very young, man. Is that a big deal? It's a very big deal. It's an extremely big deal, especially when you compare Michael Savage with the monkey ally who have passed themselves off as the real McCoy. There are a lot of monkey-like out there. But I'm the real McCoy. And sometimes the real McCoy gets sacrificed because only the monkey-like can be tolerated. But another big point was this. King was not a perfect, man. But he was a great great leader very much like Donald Trump is today, and I want to make that point again when I saw the hatred in the eyes of those white drunks that came out of that Irish bar wanted to kill him. I was shocked at the hatred. I'd never actually had never seen a mob in my life. Like I had seen that day at frighten me unless you've been in the mob that wants to kill someone. You don't know what it's like, you don't know what the mob mentality is like continue but around it, but that very same mob mentality. Can now be seen among rational stupidity and hatred is now seen coming from those who put themselves above the rest of us. That's all hatred. The understand that look how times they are changing how they have changed, and this is one of the benefits of having been in this society as an American citizen for a long period of time was you'll get you get a sweep of history. You get context which you cannot have if you are a monkey Lous of a talk radio host. But again, I'm going to go to the main question have your views on MLK junior changed over the years. Because I remember even in talk radio level with each other. We must in the nineties when I began you ready. I heard people call radio shows like mine and hate king. He was a communist. He was a womanizer sneering at him putting him down. Well, all of that was true. But he was also a great leader who busted open the doors of equality for so many in this nation. But now where are we now where are we? He would oppose many of the statements and ideas of the radical left of today. He would hate many why because he was a devout Christian. Did you know that and believe me devout Christian see the world differently than most other people? Yeah. A see the world much differently. They see the world in an eternal way that the average person cannot see it you understand what I'm saying. New York Burt line six fire away. You got thirty seconds. Do it. Yes. Dr savage happy MLK day to answer your question. I.

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