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I think that's it's it's no doubt that people who listen to this show are on top of that translate loves the ex professionals because they're so tuned into customer understanding in ways that frankly, marketers simply are not. What we do is we do interviews with three groups of customers. We interview new customers. We interview longtime customers, and we interview lost customers. Perfect. Before we start those interviews, we document the customer journey all the touch points in inflection points at the brand has with the customer in the interviews we ask what they expected to happen. Yeah. At each of the such, because once I know what you expect, I know what you don't expect. Yes. Difference between what you expect and what you don't expect is where your trigger le'ts on it. Okay. Document those customer expectations at every step of the journey, and then you kind of have a sense of what where this kind of fits in. Right. That's that's kind of the first step. As part of that, we also very much recommend that you convene what we call the triangle of. Awesome. Okay. The triangle of awesome is is, is the middle of it, right? Is sort of see x. professionals if you have that in your company, then you've got marketing sales and service. Because sales and service are the ones that really know what customers want. They're the ones who actually talked to customers. Octa customers market isn't anything about customers. Marketing thinks they understand customers, but they usually don't. And I say that as a marketing professional, it just it just doesn't work like that. So you got to get everybody in your company involved, especially because a talk trigger is an operational choice. It is. So you gotta have everybody singing out of the same hymnal because if all of a sudden marketing does goes in freestyles this and does it alone or even if CX does, hey, guess what guys now we're gonna do this wacky thing if you wanna talk about, you're going to get blown out of the concerts known. Yeah, we notice as Ceac. This is part of our work on a regular basis. Is this underbelly part of it where if you don't engage, you know, it's not vented here by vic- later iota, so so true. So that's the kind of the first step is that sort of research piece then we recommend creating a list of five. Seven doesn't really matter a handful of what we call. All candidate triggers. Okay. Desert things that you could do that, would you think crate conversation that that customers don't expect that that you know where in the customer journey you would initiate or launch them? Got it. Okay. And and the key there I want to reinforce it you said is a handful isn't a, you know, an excel by g with two hundred things on you're gonna present leaders in people's eyes dance, what it revisited map every touch point return blur. Yup. Okay. Out when we do it when we do in our company as as as consultants are internal SLA is we try and come up with a nine really good ones. Okay. We present six to the client. Got it. Okay, good. That's it. No more than that. Yeah, I can't. They can't deal with more than now know exactly. So, so then we've got, let's just say we have six, so then we create and there's a graphics in how To's and all this stuff in the book about how to do this. Exactly. But then we, we, we score. For each of those candidate triggers on a matrix that we created very simple x. axis is presumed talk ability. How how talkable do think this is now? This is this is anecdotal. You're just taking a guest. You got some sense of like this while he's our or this kind of, wow, he's our you stick stab at right. So presume, talk abilities this axis, this way is operational complexity. Okay. So what you're looking for is something that's kind of in the middle of both pretty talkable but also pretty doable. Yeah. Yeah. And then you're like, okay, everybody, cool fat. We really wanna do this every good. Everybody's gonna sign on, then you test it. You have to test it. You take some sort of segment it could be every customer. It could be a particular location. It could be a particular product set. There's a lot of ways to do it depends on the company, but you you, you segment out your customer base. We'll give that section of your customers access to the talk trigger, and then you wait for however long. It is typically valid for your company. Doesn't remember customers. Mitt might.

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