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New Jersey firefighters are battling an 11 alarm chemical blaze in downtown Passaic It broke out around 8 30 last night At majestic industries and spread to the Cuoco chemical plant residents have been evacuated from the area Virginia's new governor is expected to rescind the mask mandate in schools after he's sworn into office today Jim Forbes has more Governor elect Glenn young and campaigned on the promise to make mask use by children and schools and options and not an obligation The current administration of governor Ralph northam says if the ruling is rescinded it will open up the door for community members to file lawsuits against school districts that choose the mask option instead of the mandate I'm Jim Forbes Americans can start ordering free COVID home test kits on Wednesday There will be a limit of four test kits per household tests are expected to be shipped within 7 to 12 days of ordering The Biden administration has ordered hundreds of thousands of home test kits the venue for ordering is a new government website COVID tests Dot gov I'm Brad Siegel There are new updates in the many lawsuits against a prominent South Carolina attorney Rebecca Hubbard has more The Supreme Court of South Carolina dismissed an appeal submitted on behalf of disgraced Hampton county attorney Alex Murdock seeking the court's intervention in setting his bond since being denied bond in November Murdoch has been indicted on a slew of charges He remains in the Richland county jail I'm Rebecca Hubbard The case against the suspect in a deadly Wisconsin Christmas parade tragedy will proceed That's what the court commissioner ruled in the case against arrow Brooks after testimony from Waukesha police detective Thomas Casey The vehicle zigzagging through the crowd hitting people running people over and then as it approaches.

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