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ABC News. I'm Richard Can't SUE House Impeachment managers wrap up their case for conviction of twice impeach now former President Trump Today after showing new video evidence on Wednesday, the chilling and terrifying footage showing lawmakers just feet away from Capitol writers on January 6 that mob intent on finding the House speaker. And Vice President Mike Pence. Theo insurrection is banking on an office door. On the other side, Congressional staffers huddled in fear, whispering for help. About it. And don't try to find the impeachment managers methodically laying out their case in chronological order, arguing that Trump's betrayal of his oath of office began a long before the deadly insurrection. ABC is faith of Mu Bai in Washington. At least 400 suspects have been identified as having taken part in the capital insurrection. Roughly half have been arrested. Among those in the crowd were proud boys. Pollution members Cuban on conspiracy, believers and others. Some of them have been accused of planning to attack beforehand. Nearly a dozen ex members of the military have been arrested, along with several police and even an attorney, As one source put it. It was a large and broad groups A B C's Pierre Thomas President Biden continuing to reach out to world leaders for the first time since taking office, President Biden spoke with China's President Xi Jinping. According to the White House, he touched on several thorny topics, including China's trade practices, its crackdown in Hong Kong and its treatment of its weaker population. ABC has been Gilson he became an unlikely free speech hero Larry Flynt, who parlayed a bar in Dayton, Ohio, into the Hustler Adult entertainment empire died in Los Angeles Wednesday is publishing of a mixed race spread in the 70 spurred an assassination attempt that left him partially paralyzed in the eighties, He prevailed in a libel suit brought by Jerry Falwell hustlers. Says Flint died after a sudden illness. Larry Flynt was 78 You're listening to ABC News? Everything to 77 Seas. WTMJ Milwaukee from the Annex Wealth Management studio. This is use.

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