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Sponsored by collectors firearms. Our top story this hour. It's been expected for awhile. And I are happy to share with you that I'm running to serve you as the next president of the United States of America. This is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us as the former congressman democrat Beto Aurora releasing his video announcement early this morning after an El Paso TV station said they had received a text message from last night. He's been noncommittal about his candidacy for weeks, even as he toured key primary state. Dates of course, many of the Democrats running for president, including Aurora stopped by south by southwest in Austin last week, another example of how they hope to turn Texas, blue and KTAR Ijaz cliff Saunders live with that Texas have been a target of Democrats for years. They almost pulled off a win in the Senate race last year between beta and Ted Cruz, Texas GOP chair James Dickey, telling us the message is clear. He's got to expand the base showing people we care about them, and that we're welcoming and that we enact policies we enact because we care about Texans. We have to we have to do the hard work to spread that message, and that's on him until about growing the party the way Democrats have grown here in recent years. That's what we're supposed to do in politics is grow our base. And so, you know, my challenge to all were about look engine, Texas is grow the party be welcoming being courage in money's also gonna play a role. Remember in the beta crews race alone. Democrats spent eighty mill on betas behalf. Okay, being welcoming encouraging hasn't worked so very well over the last decade. Do you think Democrats now do have a shot at turning Texas, blue and twenty twenty? That's our question today. KTAR H dot com. Sound off on our Facebook page. Our news time six thirty four. Apparently, all you have to do as an illegal alien is show up at our border. Claim you fear for your life and promised to show up for a court date later, and then you're free. It's called the catch and release policy. An art Arthur at the center for immigration. Studies says agents are overwhelmed doesn't have the capacity to. Individuals and could ever reason they are released Arthur says we're drowning in legals. It's a huge problem. And in fact, we've seen the number of individuals who entered the United States illegally, particularly family unit said his parents with children spike in recent Mark Arthur says, unfortunately, were not likely to do anything about this with Democrats in control of the house. Scott Crowder, nutri of sudden, forty KTAR h own control of many states to San Jose, California. Police chief now blasting his state sanctuary city policies after an illegal alien with a long criminal history was arrested for the stabbing death. There of fifty nine year old woman. Police say twenty four year old Carlos Eduardo arrive AO. Had previously been deported from the US. He has a rap sheet full of violent criminal offenses and drug charges. DNA evidence reportedly is Lincoln Karonga to the murder scene. No word yet on how he knew the victim. Well, he aimed for a billion dollars raised twenty four million a veteran who started a go fund me account to billboard or wall about to start the broad, Jack. Brian Cole who organized the we build the wall campaign says the barrier will be built on private property, adding all he had to do was get land surveys apply for permits and by the materials, he says, the private sector is really better equipped to build walls than the government. We can build a mile by mile for roughly three million dollars a bile compared to the government's paying nineteen billion dollars mile. Pulse is won't disclose. The location of the wall underway, citing concerns about landowners safety as well as lawsuits from critics. He says they're working with at least seven property owners from Texas to California. Our news time now six thirty seven senators on both sides of the aisle, supporting President Trump's decision to ground Boeing seven thirty-seven, max planes after one was another one was involved in a deadly crash. Fox's Mike Emanuel on Capitol Hill. Many lawmakers agree with President Trump announcing an emergency order grounding. Boeing seven thirty-seven, max eight and max nine aircraft Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney spoke to reporters ahead of the president's announcement. I pointed out that given.

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