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Four five and six sports all right fun stuff ahead with the vintage game rewatch or cut the budget sound from that get you go and go set a fun show going to the fictional coaches in there's actually NFL news the playoff fell just steamrolling like event is going ahead and keep you know nothing going on right now the draft is still long I believe right yeah we got played beginning with these guys I don't even know what they're gonna do it before you take up just real seriously for a moment and I followed yeah I'm trying to get money for it much information as possible there's a lot of grim information yet nationally yesterday in terms of you know the the the shelter in place is being extended in and you know thing spreading especially talk Louisiana and in Michigan it etcetera and in the fact that I think even here in the bay area they they extended the clamp down as of midnight last night it's it's it's gotten much more extensive in terms of like you know no dog parks no basketball courts they really really really want to get people serious and I want to say this is why because I follow this guy on Twitter name Bob Wachter is his name W. A. C. H. T. E. R. yeah he's the chair of the U. UCSF department medicine so you got UCSF the guy and he's he's the thing is there's actually like decent news in San Francisco I'm not trying to minimize anything I'm just saying I think San Francisco even though we see those selfish peas as we know give me the bouncy see bump bump bump bump bump bump stay the blanket home every right right right you don't need your gym you don't need your beaches stay the black at home right but it those of us like a poly mac like a bunny jail like a coach who are bay in this whole thing he says we're still stable at UCSF no news equals terrific news he said the covert patients remain at fifteen at UCSF yep the other night in the I see you but no change in the past few days and few new patients are coming in the I. S. U. and several floor patients have been discharged the point being is that you know listen like we're miles from being out of this thing to San Francisco's early aggressive action and everybody for the most part X. F. U. piano playing selfish peas you are going out thank you thank you thank you yeah if you follow the effects of the the bouncy see on the piano we can get there we can get there but anyway so there's a little bit of good news there I mean that is it did it again you gotta it's measured it's measured but again it's it's something that we can at least you know rally around for the moment but other parts of the country had rough days yesterday man like the you know New York had another really can only take care of our own you know I mean and and if you could just take care of your own here in the city yeah and here in the bay we can get this tweet from this guy Bob Wachter no news equals terrific news so there you go copes by man that I was going to looking actually tracks down I'm sorry I I know I pulled up a day to think it was something I was gonna I was gonna follow up with you about what you just said I'd seen an article last night it was from ABC seven where they said that their cell phone data vides indicating which counties in the bay area are sheltering in place the best which based on cell phone towers also because also expected to contract with the yeah we're going to get this in San Francisco video by county in San Francisco on the day that the the shelter in place was issued San Franciscans were traveling about an average of one point seven miles from their home a week later on what would be the twenty third I guess right yeah they were moving average of one mile from their home and then just this week San Franciscans were down to moving a few feet on average from their home which means at San Francisco at ninety eight percent rate is sheltering in place better than just about any county in the bay area before so no my napa county's actually instituted their shelter in place movements they were only like seventy two and seventy percent but Santa Clara Contra Costa and Alameda San Mateo San Francisco are all from ninety two to ninety percent shift in no movement so that's why it's pretty positive for the north the northern California counties what a brilliant staff yes fracking cellphone movement that's awesome yeah I love it so I mean I don't know how accurate oldies was article from yesterday A. B. C. seven dot com if you wanna check it out but it was an interesting piece of the how San Franciscans and most bay area counties are abiding by the children because your neighborhood look pretty good I mean dude it's it's people are still out walking around so I wanted to quit our yesterday just have a in exercise on a walk in but for the most part people are saying it's it's it's bicyclist and and a few people outside what's funny is I stepped outside to for some recreational partaking activity in the afternoon and do no joke the city will do it has been across the street from one to four different times in the last week like we walked out we can wave to each other for stoops like Taylor and then yeah look each other through a cloud of smoke yeah that's it right met you guys you guys are bonding over the over the afternoon session a full block away house courts are looking as dated fearful that people aren't nobody's really out in about of their it's popped a hamstring walking up to quite terrible damage Smith with that little cell phone straps that's what you're going to do is tell your cell phones what is that thing we ever get tired of the ninety four visits game rewatch Emmitt Smith is out there with the with the injured hammy and eventually had to leave the game add to that ten minutes ago on the fortieth the new year he looked like an absolute he's battling it out okay and it jumped out of the huddle nobody it when people say greatest running backs of all time even though he's the all time leading rusher I don't know anybody who ever says Emmett Smith probably has to right he might like him and Peyton you know it's funny Tom Brady said it when the patriots but the cowboys this year and he said man I hated the cowboys so much because Emmitt Smith got at least five yards every time he touched the ball yeah yep we're their shoulders find a little gap in bowl met he gave did like clip off another eight yards like he he just had a knack for finding the smallest crease and it's getting through and he was north south man he was gonna like Shuki them too many moves we just take credit card ice line in front of him falling up to it I mean maybe the greatest offensive line I've seen seriously right yeah there's a might be and I hate to say that because the Niners have had some great ones we guys we love Steve Wallace airport and Jesse shut up that is a poll where C. but that Dallas thank you those early nineties lines or if you're hard pressed to find a better align the are you when you heard Pat Summerall said he just slides behind to an AA two and AA innate I gotta say there was something about summer all yesterday that just got a I was like aw this guy if you know anybody who's ever going to get yeah that was the greatest broadcast team there was like that I like out like a feeling of importance when those guys were in the building you know it's funny has is over engine and our discussion this morning to his body was talking about that pass interference play that was not a pass or fail yeah it's the beginning of the game they were talking about how you would expect Dion Sanders to be Michael Irvin but he wasn't they put him on the number two and they put it who would that would be put on the on air Davis Davis Bates treatment on that first throwing around what the whole time HM stays on as many jobs that route in addition to the house but but over a day was saying this is a tactic to bill Belichick is used for years to where you put your best defensive back your best corner on the number two and you double team the number one the switch it up later in the game you're giving us different looks yeah it was great that that really could argue that you could argue that that opening game strategy may be one of the game because yeah it gave on that touchdown that wind up being curtailed that has nothing to gain yeah and it it it still it slowed the cowboys in the first quarter net account was one of the jesting and then they want to move in Dion on the Irvine later in the game right right when they're like Hey S. it's getting real now we need to go on on her friend didn't it win it did have a couple of firstly I get a pick late in the third quarter and Michael cried about that one too it wasn't I just don't I mean there's a lot of stuff to get done we will but just you know so but just want to say right now Michael Irvin as a poly about is unstoppable receivers you're gonna get used to drive me insane dude he used to drive me crazy and I also do could we get a shout out a guy we never really talk about but man was he brilliant as a rookie and we did have them in Miami but shout out to bar non William Floyd area just barreling his way into the end zone after one of those turnovers in the first quarter just give it to bar non just slams his way I think that I think we have an injured shoulder after early came back he came back later in the game and you got a hard run to set me up well there's a lot of sound to get into it all that so what what is it about left handers and sportsman what is it about like you're talking about the throw Steve young made the touch on the jury rise other one he made earlier than that I mean that's one of the in the first half he made one of the three touch on the end of the first quarter you talk about the lofted pass to handle review water like it was when he's overthrown in ranches total runs right under it right now and just goes right with me to the to the video we saw yesterday will Clark all stroking his garage like to learn everything very excellent call just great you're absolutely right that is look veterans yesterday we were treated to left handed artistry performances Steve young's attached at the jury as such under Ricky Watters and will Clark hitting balls is garage codes I I show that to my kids and I was like I can't even explain to you why this swing is so perfect that I did to get from god yeah well I will go into the leading up to the two thousand disorderly calls I've ever seen it's it's a gift that there's there's you could sit there and go to a lab and break down the bio mechanically ME get chi Karan is tunnels and the and whoever the guy who is the the guy with the hair and the eyes that we talked to that down there and and then they the Chippendales hitting all shoot member called yeah yes yeah I mean those guys can hit you with their tunnels in there now exists and then you can just watch will hit the garage right I just feel like sixteen years old instead of a T. mobile will have a little unhappy about will port wing courage will find a lower total Todd we're not happy with the the trajectory on the somebody needs to put that will Clark hitting thing to some sort of opera like pick like a pet pick like a Mozart opera a paparazzi area yeah that'll work as you know what he stay in the black at home is it is garage dude you can still do that I could still have all no doubt still here question did affected the giants in the field if indeed one day they'll hit the field this year and if they had Clark and bonds in the.

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