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Does things as only always comes out on top somehow. He was politics, natural love, some strong advocate for Indian rights. She ended up at the elbow because apparently he's guilty as the be there, and he's. Twenty seconds, but not as good as you guys. You like had a southern accent. We're saying the beginning bar bar who bear. At work, Donna bar. That was like simmer. Really weird. All right. So some history on David Crockett. It was released in nineteen fifty five. It is on it stars fess Parker's Devi Crockett and he was also just in what movie was he just in that we watched rob ROY. No, no, not robbery has come out yet. Oh, the great locomotive. Jeez, the great locomotive Shays at also going to be in westward ho. The wagons nice so future. So he he kind of has a niche for what types of movies he's in. So this is actually an edited compilation of the first three stories from the Disney television. Miniseries Davy Crockett was TV show before this, and then they kind of took that created the movie. So it was Davy Crockett Indian fighter. Davy Crockett goes to congress in db carpet at the Alamo. The movie was mostly filmed in Tennessee in Wildwood, regional park in Thousand Oaks California, and it was released because of the enormous success of the TV show. So the film remains Walt Disney's most successful television film project. The Devi Crockett episodes of the mid fifties..

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