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I candidly haven't seen in saving era which is ladder the just go to the center of the ring and say let's go i mean they are good luck i guess i mean that's why i literally shamed ride to do them straight years and leonard internet it doesn't even come glint nowhere illinois um close if hard to line up with apple or matiur if we go on a pitch it to you we go ahead it to you in run the ball down his throat he golding get the certain if you look at all his lime but then he into the an appeal there all built to fame with guilt the about somewhere between six three and under and they like three 25 that's what he wants because he refuses to let you run the football but if you can run in a little just a little but you got a quarterback you look at the quarterback this beatty johnny manziel the tibo the cam newton the shawn watson jay kaley trevor night i can keep yet we would do the trevor night when he got to take advantage of him beat the break faulkner but what did trailer night women the sugar ball meet all the way it was oregon that we're talking about a decade were mentioning like six guys in your like on and on forty nine times in two hundred your every night put up forty five on alabama in sugar bowl this is trevor night in not talking about do on why the okay let's just say for the sake of argument deeply twelve games a year twelve your birth a hundred twenty game you picot a what happened in two championship the ball games i'm only doing ballgame soak it i'll throw one kick 6 game where he gave up 34 to auburn but you you you know he's going fourth fifth national title k amazon's by i'm alone ever done the only going back the last four years in it's like one big disaster after another two sean scores forty dish on scores 35 those that's a lot of point he was a transcendent player deschamps cam newton look at look at what looking with johnny did skip john mcdevitt had what it is saying nick we're talking about don't give me trancinda player when you've got.

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