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Most of my investments but i been trained to do it by my rich dead so trump and and you read your book at twenty years but you're spun yet a rich dad deported well my core dad was my fought my father of stanford university cargo guy by any nothing americans mind he writes air in the photo that's my i'll ask my poor dad he was lieutenant governor of hawaii yeah band follow governor hawaii's repablic you got crushed because he stood up for the most corrupt state government an book and the national toward at tells but the rich fed arrested while he stood up to as a republic n to the corrupt democratic government of hawaii and he lost his job and out of my rich dallas my best friends father would ever want to skull but he almost up ykk so i listen to have instead of life or death show that was smarter you i like i like i like listened to smart people like you alisyn a u2 all right robert hue asaki the new book why the rich are getting richer what is financial education please join us against and it was hard to get on thank you so much thank thank for doing that you do alex i appreciate it i thank you sir it's been said any society is only three this meals away from chaos those times may be near think about it our country faces multiple terrorist threats and aggressions from russia and north korea social unrest in violent marches yet again may lead to looting of stores and city shutdowns and a crumbling infrastructure leaves our power grid vulnerable to longterm outages from a single cyber attack when the chaos from any.

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