Bobby Riggs, Mcenroe, Serena Williams discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show - Hour 1


We have this i mean we still have this fascination with bobby riggs in and billie jean king she was the number one woman in the world she played a man in his sixties and we're looking at and she won he was a relevant and it was a match and if you remember prior to that and i forget i think it might have been evonne goolagong but i'm not on jobs he fought he played another top ranked woman and he destroyed her it's not a knockon serena and i don't know where mcenroe comes up with the seven hundred because i'm not saying that i would go that far but the top two hundred men in the world would destroy serena williams at is the it that's not a negative that's just the truth i mean don't you think that if he played a one on one tournament who is the top women's basketball player in the world if you if you're playing a one on one she's accu to beat any of the top that god no seventy five thousand men and that's a negative it's two completely different sexes so i don't know why this ugly mcenroe making the statement and pointing it out the seven hundred in its hammered home that's a big number i think is unnecessary but honestly i think is point is is generally right the top lots of men would beat serena and serena's a legend and she's phenomenal and she's great and she's that let it can take nothing away from her.

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