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Double team lost the ball picked up by Al Durham, they gotta get it across the timeline that they did not. Yeah. That's a bad turnover there against his own price. Devante green really struggled on where to go. With the basketball. Turns the ball over ten second. Call someone from Indiana has got to get into the middle there that Saul spot of that two to one full court press to break zone. Can't trouble against that. You've got to be able to pass the ball to the open man Harrisburg zone across the time line against the vita. Who drives it right again to throw it out. And there's gonna be a foul a jump ball. Call possessions, spurned ghost, Arkansas. So it's not going to matter twenty five seconds Shacklock, but a nice defensive play by play great. Harris, lobs it it comes into also boy on on the white parameter gives it out to Mason Jones. Jones got it by xactly Roberts. Throws a left side to Harris Harris now looks to get it out. Bronte Dustin Reggie Cheney Cheney pitches, right sobriety drives. In low throws up a shot. Joe? Got the rebound feeds off to the vodka. Green. Lost the ball. Got it back tips. It wrong step. Now, the turnover is gonna come out in. Below loose with the basketball there. The behind the back dribble by devante in traffic. You gotta watch out against this Arkansas defense. I mean, they they are really aggressive. They understand kind of where Indiana's trying to go with the basketball. More importantly, they smell weakness with the basketball coach Archie Miller is trying to call them. Devante now is really disappointed himself that he's turned it over the last possession. John checks the sideline Davis is answered. Getting a chance here's a three by job at missiles. And the robot comes by Roberts, forty eight forty seven Arkansas by one Indiana, basketball, here's finishing holes. It back out the fester Avin. Looks turns round. Is it right side? Zach Robert C works against those brings it up. Left side past Durham Durham data. The way back out comes to Pfitzner down inside the Dorado Davis. Style. Harassed out their bios. Oh boy. And who Powell Ron does a great job it low post position? But then giving the pass or target to hit put that right hand out and Evan from the top of the keys just a spot on pass it the hand perfectly which led them to on right into an easy layup and one for the hoosiers. Indiana's got the lead back by a point in the chance to take a two point advantage as changes comprehension saw Jones Reggie Cheney. Both check the sideline a real Bailey's back in there awhile along with he sills Isaiah Joe. So boy, Harris derive Davis of the stripe. Drive. Converter three point play. At does. Not the rebound has taken out of their bios Boyer. Here comes Arkansas the latest single point. Here's also boy on top of the key feeds Isaiah Joe. We got a foul called. I think gravity gets a call as he pushed Desi sills who went to the deck. Sobek Roberts picks up. His first bottle the ball game. I'm just trying to fight through that screen garden. Joe who's the best three point shooter on the floor right now. Zac, Nick Roberts. Understood. I think it's probably better than he got the foul rather than getting hit by that screen, which went up Joe wide open top of the key. And bypass comes dourson boy member right side. Download Bailey and Bailey his foul on the play by. No, I take that back. They're going to call the Ron Davis. Davis picks up. His first follow the game was on Pitzner too. I'm surprised that was on Davis. Bowel. Come from Jalen, Harris. And now whistle blows. And another follows crawl this accurate Roberts. Roberts picks up. His second foul almost in succession, Jack upset heads to the sidelines. Green cubs. That's the third team foul, Indiana. The only need five here to get Arkansas. And the double bonus, exactly. And this is inside ten minutes. So good. Here's Bailey really long jump shot that misses. But the tapped out the Bailey, he finds Harris Harris will the basketball now Harris works outside. Works at data free throw line throws it back out the sales for a three he hits. And he's been good. Yeah. Simple hand offer, Indiana. Get out to the shooter and has been hurting all night long all day long. Listen, easy shot at the top of the key. I don't know why we talk about Isaiah Joe or Mason Jones as much as SIL sills hitting forty four percent of the season from the three point line and forty seven percent an SEC play. He's been on fire forever here. Upside is not a fantasy left side of comes to Doron Davis pitches out the devante for a long three. Yes. Grades four three of the data's first points in the second half for the day. His Indiana fifty two Arkansas fifty one now back in the Whiteside OSA boy, and he'll go along one, and he'll miss and the rebound inside down to Florida. Hurry. Devante throws the Fettes during the quarter to Durham. He fires a three. This part of the day. Across the time. Harris the buyers that outside to Bailey left side, the cells fast past also boy poster boy and looks looks. Looks dribbles box gives the cells cells fakes the three down to the corner. Dill? He throws it cross out. The Harris Parrish drives into the land. Throws up a water deflected. But Apollon devante green. Picks up his second follow the game. And all of a sudden, Indiana, Scott fourteen thousand that was in the act of shooting. So they're going to get to on every shot from our fence. Twenty five seconds of that shot clock. Can't let the guy thrive medal if he drives middle. He's gonna get you that time Harris got right in the middle of the paint. Rozov? Devante tripe blocking the shot could have been all ball. But you let that guy beat that first step off. This was going to blow out of the floor. Fifty four fifty one Indiana leads with seven forty four lap. 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