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For seven years men were vanishing from Toronto's gave Elhage community, always suspected serial killer. And they were right and the new season of uncover the village host Justin Ling investigates to spates of brutal murders forty years apart. Listen and subscribe to uncover wherever you get your podcasts. Dr Bruce dantonio was a middle aged psychiatrist and professor at Wayne State university in nineteen seventy seven he consulted with task force on this case, and he did so with police prior to the child killings and other cases. Some police were skeptical of Dr Daniel because he was kind of a publicity hound in some ways, but they were willing to take whatever help anybody might be able to give them and Dr Bruce dantonio f all was an expert in this field, and he offered to try to help we have completely covered the areas that we need to with the profile and with the composite and with information about cars and vehicles wanted. Dr Dan to appeared on local TV in January of nineteen seventy seven Christina Mahela was missing. And surely after this television segment the killer would leave Maalik spotty on Bruce lane in Franklin Michigan. Dr Bruce dantonio Bruce lane meant the killer was trying to send him a message. I know. This sounds crazy. But police thought dantonio and the killer may actually have a connection. Timmy, king was missing much of nineteen seventy seven the police went to anto and asked him for help. They want to go on TV and say that the killer was quote, a squirrel character and quote authorities hoped. This would be the killer to squirrel road. Please late know those twenty four thirty days when I was finally called it out. In the spring of nineteen seventy seven a man calling himself Allen road, Dr dantonio saying that his roommate Frank was the killer Frank or Allen, neither one of those are real names. These are the names that were given by Alan Danta in this. Alan guy would write back and forth. It's important to note that Dan did share his correspondence with the task force. Allen typed. I'm desperate and nearly gone. Crazy. This is for real. I know who the killer is I live with him. I am slave. He went on to talk about his roommate Frank and how his actions were actually celebrated. He killed a lot of little kids, and then got medals for it for in the death bomb them with napalm. He wants the rich people in Birmingham to suffer like all of us suffer to get nothing back for what we did for our country. He's not a monster. Like, you think you really loves children, especially that little girl three weeks. Not because he hates children but doing it because he hates everybody else out there. Allen was clear that he himself had nothing to do with the murders. He said, I swear I had no idea. He was going to kill that. First little boy, the one with the blonde colored hair. That Blombos talking about was Mark stebbins? Ellen started to become more cryptic, and Dr Daniel some instructions on April tenth nineteen seventy seven Dr Daniel contacted Alan by putting ad in the newspaper with the code words. Trees to bloom in three weeks. Now these particular codes were used because that's what Alan asked Danta to do. So that our new Danta wanted to communicate with him. Responded to this ad by calling Dr Danta bat day, and he promised to bring Polaroid's to dantonio proving that his roommate Frank killed more stebbins chill Robinson, Christina and TIMMY king. That was only if Dr dantonio get then Governor William Milliken to write a letter of immunity, which would make sure that Alan didn't get any trouble through this process. Elmwood orchestrator meeting the venue. Gabe are in Detroit, Dr dantonio showed and then he waited Allen never showed and would never make contact with the doctor again dental tried several times publicly to reach out to this Alan guy through the newspaper, but he had seemingly vanished some speculate that he was hushed possibly murdered others think Alan was nothing more than a hoax. As the case trudged on leads dried up task force funds were bap rating. What I'm interested in as long as we have the manpower. We've got enough cars and gas in our cars and paper to put an typewriters. We're going to be in business. The remaining officers kept working the case, the nearly twenty three months the task force operated. It would be awarded to federal grants totaling four hundred and forty five thousand dollars, but that only lasts so long after twenty thousand tips and about two million dollars spent on December fifteenth nineteen seventy eight the task force would officially Ford. And the Oakland County child killer case, we'd go quiet long longtime. But

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