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The panel's decision directing nation is rough now playing contract. We want to St.. This outcome as a painful situation for the guy trying to choose to be in the situation but rugby Astrid position reminds Israel, his actions, lift us with no choice but to the fiction resulting and today's outcome. Now that has been a very strong debate in Australia over the whole process, which has led to this point with many of the players supporters saying he's being sanctioned simply stressing expressing his Christian beliefs. He's had support from people within rugby as winners from outside the game. It's, it's taken on a very strong kind of social tussle in Australia over recent weeks. The white expectation is that this is going to end up in court with flower likely to challenge the ruling. He's he can appeal within three days to another panel. And then eventually, if that funds against him, it could end up, as I say going to the courts, and what would essentially be tussle between religious freedom, and what rugby Australia's talked about. In terms of inclusive inclusivity within the game before Australian rugby style pizza fit Simon's fully in support of the finding today. Name a single of the rule was I in strata the one that relies on public support, who could have the star impli posting like that guy's guy to go to hill twice and still we employed name. A spin saw would be prepared to put millions of dollars towards it over those who starring says the guy's gonna get a hill the game has changed. We're willing to the twenty th century, you had no right to, to secure people that are born guy, and come up with Christmas, that they're going to hill as there is a long way to go yet on this before it is concluded there's a sporting adamant to own of this as well. Of course, Israel phone. It's Tonto exaggerate, what a big stone. He is, as far as Australian rugby. Consent as a World Cup in Japan later on this year and amongst the things this seriously throws straight preparations for that tournament into doubt. But all the talk is about what's going on in the courtrooms and what it's right to be able to say what the reaction to that is more on that reaction on that through the day here on the BBC sport. Today is at eighteen thirty GMT nothing getting with a sport. Many things now you'll be familiar by now with the US trade draw with China, you'll recall. It's also in a separate to spach with the European Union. But we haven't for a little one now talked about it's argument with techie, but Philip is on the business desk, and he's going to remind us that I'll even yes. Several arguments going on between the United States and Turkey, one of stealing minium. In fact, US imposed fifty percent tariffs on Turkish steel good news today those coming down to twenty five percent less good news. Elsewhere in that. There was a second row going on between. In the US and Turkey with regards to oppress, the who've been arrested that caused the US to impose sanctions on sitting top Turkish government ministers. And then there was a third row that was taking place as well. Which was designed to buy a Russian missile shield Tikki is a significant member of NATO, which cost the United States. Some consent on joined now by Mike, Taylor. He is a senior analyst over Oxford Analytica, specializing in eastern Europe. Now, one of the reasons that the US is that the railway between taking the US is ramped up. Is that yesterday tickets said that it was going to buy this Russian missile shield last night, the United States, remove turkeys favored nation trade status, which means that all goods going across the United States will now attract tariffs, you don't think that's as economically significant as it sounds. But you do think it's politically significant is that correct on sort of thinking with a. The Turkish president will restore easily does kind of tough way on from the US goods, an internet point of view took it in a much weaker position. But at one doesn't seem to worry about that. I mean if you look at the issue is really about Russia, missile cropped up now. So why is it the Turkey wants to buy a Russian missile system, given the a member of NATO? And that was Oviously gonna play stresses on its other relationships. It's kind of an awkward member of NATO. Regulations hadn't been so great. Vera, VERA Corwin took your future now US troops participate in the invasion of Iraq from Turkish sue the getting really upset about this S four hundred Russian at six to your cortisol because see what they worried about really is the, the, the Turks will facing this this, this off. And with the Russian backup technicians in Turkey, helping him to run the get used to time the Turks want to acquire the f thirty five I'm still fighter. This is the this is the top of the US, Feige and US. Congress is no saying, well, hang on. If you're gonna have a Russian missile, you can't have our top fighters because they'll be able to train against one another. To the in country and they can practice started at work out how the year four hundred green down fine. So economically. What do you think that this might mean full Turkey if they end up placing tariffs on US imports and they have tariffs on the experts as well? Couldn't they spe- demagoging for the lira and for their inflation situation? I think because any sort of relationship in US in Turkey investment. Frightening is we saw that in the lyrics to the big hit because the back of their minds people thinking, well, if Turkey needs to go into captain. You go to vote in the on the street editions of immediate hit with a with a learns Turkey food. Yes. Get very worried about this mug say, thank you very much for joining me. The business. Many.

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