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Com blood areas jimmy g throwing touchdowns a win in starting jobs it now becoming the subject of our curiosity so what do we do we go to his past relearn a little bit about the people who helped him along the way and on that note as we start the seven o'clock hour we say good morning everybody that brian murphy mccaffrey will get to the warriors big overtime win over the lakers last night manonman i was a little while seized off a little too close for comfort but right now thinking about the forty nine years after chicago bears on sunday and the man who's but help and jimmy g since his high school days in arlington heights illinois is our next guest jeff christians in former nfl quarterback quarterback coach geoff we are delighted to have you here on the murphy mac show how are you this morning how are you we're good were goodwill we want to know all that jimmy g how house jimmy she doing uh good i'm good how are you we do a good man okay so does little bit when he first met jimmy d and it in in how he came to you in what you saw when you first some how far back was it was a high school yes his high school coach doug no sap's called me so i think that on my next quarterback you can take a look at him and that's all have any any was a linebacker right was there a i wonder why he thought he said is next quarterback when he was a linebacker wiz are just the raw talent right away no doug millsaps is there wasn't played quarterback and into university tennessee and he's he's just a tremendous book bomb iron been um jimmy was a pitcher also slow and he was just gonna way so uh it was outside linebacker was mark ealham b brian brierley walker he was required so you get a kid like this and bothering what what's your background you you play quarterback in the nfl obviously bengals what eagles brown's so this is something you're passionate about and when you get a guy like when did you start coaching was it was he.

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